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Contacting staff & alternate reports

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My question is simple. Am I allowed to send message directly to (staff & admins) if I need them to act quickly?
For example, I've seen some users using "very very" bad language, but I don't wanna use report option, I would rather send message directly to staff members.
I know, I know, you are busy, and you are doing all the hard work here, and I thank you for that.
But it makes me sad is when I see how some people behave using bad language, and it seems like nobody even care.



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Staff tend to have very full PM boxes, sending them a PM doesn't get you any greater speed than an actual report might. Use the report feature, they need to know exactly where the action took place and exactly what was said anyway so they need the link that will be in the report. The staff tends to take swift action on bad language but they can't do anything if they don't see it happening, so send the report! You just have to check the bans forum to see how often people get called out for their use of bad language (hint - every time the staff knows about it they say something) but the site is big if no one reports it it's basically a bear doing it's business in the woods.

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Unless it's happening in the chat room right now then always use the report feature. The report feature is used by all staff. PMs only go to one member of staff, who may be on holiday, out, or just busy. Much better to report.

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