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Skyrim CTD at Liar's Retreat

ctd skyrim help

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As I'm currently trying to discover less than 10 places left that I haven't been to in Skyrim, I encountered Liar's Retreat and thought it would be fun to go in and fight off some enemies.


Anyways, first room, 8 or something falmers all began attacking.  No big deal, because I'm at level 77, about to be at level 78.  However, Skyrim crash as I start to beat up the falmers, all in the beginning of that place.  


I tried googling possible causes or issues relating to Liar's Retreat that could cause crash to desktop and there's nothing.  I really want to get through this cave and clear it.  


I went back in game and it always ctd while at the beginning of the fight, everytime I load it.  I refuse to give up on that cave.


If you need info about specs or my mod list, I can provide it (if there's a way to export my mod list).




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No one got anything for this? I'm having the exact same issue as well. I managed to kill the falmer though, but as I got deeper into the cave, more falmer! So I CTD'd again. Some of the meshes also glitch out on NPCs. For example I had Lydia with me, and her body (except the head) turned black and she was standing in a "T" position but leaned forwards at about a 45 degree angle. I just shrugged that off though and disabled her then re-enabled her and she was fine again, but it was still rather annoying. That didn't cause any crashes, surprisingly, its literally just when I start a fight.




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Same CTD problem here.  I reloaded from the start of the cave and let my npc's do the fighting which helped.  I used getav mood on Lydia at one point which caused a CTD.

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