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All 2k and 4k texture pack mods for skyrim i found so far! would need more help finding!

4k mods texture packs 2k skyrim texture skyrim 2k skyrim hd 2k help finding retexture

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thanks for collecting those textures.


also wanna add it's pointless having 4K textures installed if you run on 1920x1080.

you will gain almost zero quality, but cost you a lot of power that can have been used on other things.




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In other words, as long as you have a PC that can handle it, using HD textures is perfectly fine.

The only graphics card with more than 4GB of VRAM (which I use) is the Titan series (6GB), and even then there have been problems reported.  Titans themselves aren't even used primarily for gaming, so it seems like wasted money, especially for one game where plenty of other graphics cards can handle it perfectly fine.  


Btw, with only "8" 4K textures, everything else being 1k -2k, my VRAM usage is at 3,963MB exteriors.  I selected maybe 5 ultra options in SMC.  Just some food for thought.


I've heard that 8 gb VRAM versions of the gtx 970 and 980 will be coming out in December and I'll probably get one, which should solve the VRAM issue and maybe even let me use SGSSAA to get rid of that annoying aliasing once and for all. Then maybe the graphics prostitute inside me will be satisfied once and for all.


Prices rise with the VRAM, be prepared to pay a premium.  An extra 2GB VRAM for a gtx 770 is about $60-100 depending on the model.  But to add another 4GB on top of that?  Unless you want buy two, or if they decide to bump up that memory bus width to 512-bit, you'll have serious slowdowns.  Honestly, it isn't a great idea to buy a whole new graphics card for one game.


Even if it manages, your game won't run 60 fps at all times (modded).  Probably ever.  Especially not with ENB.


I'd just wait until they actually make some really revolutionary changes to their gpu's.  Maybe the 1000 series, or "Millenium" series as some people think it will be named.


i can only dream of having at least 1gb vram and 4gb ram, here i am with my intel hd graphics and 2 gb ram on a quad core atom 1.3Ghz :(



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Just want to say that there are GTX 780 (not Ti nor Titan) 6GB variants out there, as I am using one.  However, knowing the 980 series will have 4gb as stock, I would not recomment buying one.


The one (rather major) benefit of have 6GB VRAM is to allow the use of ENB option "EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks".  I quote from certain ENB article.


EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks, when enabled it use video memory at max without saving textures and geometry to system memory (not enbhost.exe also), so no delays of any kind to load textures. It's unsafe, because alt+tab in full screen mode not work (that's why enable borderless window in enblocal.ini) and if video memory filled up completely, performance will drop to zero and game may stop working. But skyrim have own resource manager which seems remove data from video memory to exclude such situations.


In my case at least, it works like wonder...

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Be cautious when installing many 4K textures, even with ENBoost

I've got 2K, 4K, and 8K texture redos of all of Skyrim, with the draw and LOD distance extended to the ends of Skyrim (with about 218 mods installed), but it goes 20fps

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