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bug error downloading

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Hello! So ive recently freshly installed my skyrim and it was reborn out of steams lovley baby maker and ive went along just grabing my mods doin this doin that and then 


SERVER UNREACHABLE                        Status: Error (this is in the NMM)


So ive done some testing, and found that larger mods( Smim, Imersive Armors, Imersive Weapons) have problems downloading in any way shape or form(Nmm,Manual, CDN).


Ive tried many other mods with much success mods like Civil War Overhaul and 2K Textures like 15 different patches and many many more and have been only have trouble with these three mods which i desperately need for my new Archer character. 


Ive restarted my computer tried different browsers ive cleared my cache made sure i had java script enabled and still NOTHING.


So, if anybody has any info on this slight issue please HALP MEH



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same here...immversive armors + weapons doesnt download. amazing follower tweaks does at the moment. what the heck is going on? :sad: *edit* just tried organized Bandits in Skyrim...doesnt work too. so yeah seems like really only the small downloads work. changing servers in the mod manager didnt help...

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I run into this problem sporadically, especially with the larger mod downloads.  Down loading through NMM I get the error you're describing and NMM shuts down with a couple of error messages.  It's a pain in the ass, but if you restart NMM and login and then try the download again (you should see it listed at the bottom in the download manager section) by just clicking the file and select "resume download" it should work  after the 2nd or 3rd attempt.  At least it does for me.  I like the organization and ease of installing and uninstalling mods in NMM.  But the downloading can be wonky.  I suspect it may be related to the amount of traffic on the server.  I've had better luck with downloads early in the morning (6:00am to 10am, Maine, USA time).  The downloads will work, but extreme patience is required.


It also helps to be a member, servers are better and faster with less traffic.  Plus you don't have to put up with the advertising.  If you download from the Nexus a lot, the $80-$90 yearly fee is worth it.  Plus it helps keep this site functional.



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Its a temporary error, come back later.

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