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Best mod.

best mod

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Like my last forum This Is the side goal, A second mod Im currently working on that I have gotten to build on that Isn't just story and what happens, I am asking where I can find these.


Im talking about The realism mod. A day z rip off If you will, I Finished the mod and all, I just need a bag like In the game but the biggest one there Is and smallest, and a menu exactly like day z.


but I'll list the things I need here, And a lot of them goes to my third and newest project mod, The WW2 mod I was talking about on my last topic.:




Bag 1:small. (dunno the names Just Knows the number and size.)


Bag 2:smaller.


Bag 3:smallest.


Bag 4:medium.


Bag 5:Medium small.


Bag 6:Medium smallest.


Bag 7:Large smallest.


Bag 8:Large small.


Bag 9:Large.


Bag 10:The holy god mother of military bags.


WW2 American Uniforms.


Day z Menu 1:The one you access.


Day z Bag Menu:The menu from the menu above to access the dufflebag. Supply bag. Military Bag. Citizen bag. (D bag.)


Ai to when bitten by a zombie you get a timer before you go feral.


And Several zombie races to seem like bitten at birth?


Like INfected.








Zombie undead.


Wounded zombie.


Critically wounded zombie.


Severly wounded zombie.


Zombie that looks like Its had Its arm cut off with a homemade saw and looks like It was eaten by a t rex.


Anyone know where I can find these?

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