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[REQUEST] Sierra Madre Prison Quest Mod

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This is a mod request for Fallout: New Vegas's Dead Money DLC. I got this Idea while watching Superjail, it came to me when I saw the sky over Superjail, it was dark, red and hellish, just like Sierra Madre's. I remembered when I played through the Dead Money DLC it was hellish, annoying, something I would never go back to. That's when I thought it would make a great place to build a prison.


So far I've seen no quest mods that have anything to do with the Sierra Madre, and I was always disappointed that the courier could never go back there. I know the DLC was annoying, and at times hard to play through, but the Sierra Madre has much more potential. It shouldn't just be some empty abandoned casino, forgotten by the player. It can be a pretty cool place without all the radios and explosive collars. The place itself reminds me of hell; red skies, demonic ghost people, the inhospitable-ness of it all, and how the entire place has this greed theme. All this and more made me think of how cool it would be to build some kind of prison there, kinda like how hell imprisons evil souls.


So on with my idea


Sierra Madre could be converted into some prison... An ultimate prison; the best, most expensive, efficient, secure, prison. Ever.


The player, would be the founder of this prison. He/she would be called the "Warden" throughout the mod. I think it would be cool if the way how the player would find this prison was influenced by what faction they chose to side with. A good one would be NCR lost their correctional facility, so they send you out to find a new area and build one.


After the prison is built, the player could get some bounty missions, but except the objective is to capture them alive, not to kill them. This opens new opportunities for non-lethal weaponry, like stun guns, or tasers. Maybe even the return of the Mesmerizer.


I already made a plethora of characters that could be in this mod, and I have a rough idea of what the story could be, but I would really like to see what people think of my idea before I post them here.


Anyways, I have little to no experience with the GECK. So if anything is a little too ambitious, just tell me. I don't even know if its possible to put a mod in a DLC in New Vegas, but I know its been done in Fallout 3 (Mothership Zeta crew).


Tell me how you like this idea, any questions you have please ask below, I will be sure to answer them when I find time.  Thank you.

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