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Weapons and Armor, more rare to find

rarearmor odds find weapons

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Been thinking about this, because can't find a similar mod.

A mod that decreases the chances to find items, mainly weapons and armor. In the game, whatever you go, you see low and mid tier equipment everywhere, to me it's annoying.


  • Weapons should be rare in the Skyrim world and most time should be something you would only find on militarized areas (barracks, strongholds, soldiers) and smiths.


  • Smiths shouldn't just sell weapons and armor, we should request them by sending a letter, the letter should be confirmed by authorities (if you have any bounty, if you're allied with them etc) and after X days (depending on the tier) the weapon or armor is ready.


  • Looting bodies: for each kill only a <5% change to drop weapon/armor.


  • For anything above Mid tier weapons ( above Elven and Dwarven as example) only ranked smiths could produce it (Gray-Mane for instance). Top tier like Dragon or Glass, the only place to make it should be the Skyforge.


  • Compatibility with Immersive armors/weapons and others.



- Ctrl+T would ruin the waiting time for the item to be made.

- Unique items (e.g. Dawnbreaker, Spellbreaker, Ebony Mail) would be the main source to get good stuff, normal items could be totally ignored.

- Problems with the Smithing and (maybe?) Speech skills. Possibly lots of incompatibility with minor mods.




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