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Will my build run Skyrim on ultra with a lot of mods?

skyrim mods 780ti ultra 60fps help nvidea amd graphics cards

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I have had some conflicting opinions on whether or not my build (http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/49MnXL) will run Skyrim on ultra with a lot of mods. Some say my 780ti won't do well because AMD cards have more compatibility with Skyrim's coding. Others say the exact opposite, in which Nvidea cards work better than AMD's. I thought my system was overkill for Skyrim, and some still say it is whereas others say it isn't. Will the rest of my system work? I will get the list of mods I have been looking at so far when I get a chance. That list is just a start FYI, there will be many more. I don't plan on using too many graphical mods (I would stop at a point where they become irrelevant) but I don't know what I will end up getting and don't know how many I will want/need. I will want to have the best picture quality possible for my monitor as well. Should I expect that with my setup now? If I were to in the future, upgrade monitors, would I be seeing issues then? And what is the average number of graphical mods that you use?. Would my system have any trouble with that number? If there were any changes, what would you recommend? Also, would I be getting a constant 60 fps with my setup? If you guys/gals could help me out with this, that would be great!  

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