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Skyrim: Windfall Expansion (Recreation)

skyrim windfall expansion recreation creation

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If you are a scripter, voice actor or a story writer and can help with the mod I would really appreciate your

help with the mod. This mod is also a combination of Silverwind, so expect those thread's ideas here.



Silverwind ideas has been implemented here, so disregard that mod thread..


Other Note:

Inspired by a Immersive Quests by Matthiaswagg, Check it out his mod right here. --> Forum Page


Final Note:

I am on here each and everyday so look forward to replies and updates!




The "Windfall" expansion will add a brand new place known as "Windfall" a nordic land that will be reachable after a series of quests that must be completed in Tamriel before reaching the said land.  The land once reached will have 8+ quests for the player to go on and many voiced NPCs for the player to interact with + Tamriel won't be the lesser focused place either with 4 new quests and new fully voiced NPCs.


What I want the mod to mostly focus on is...


1. Brand New Land - A fresh new Nordic land with it's own Lore and story behind it. This mod wants to focus on Windfall and it's interesting history and interesting citizens. I really want to add engaging gameplay that will bring players into the mod a lot more.


2. Not "Fetch Quests" or simple filler quests - I don't want to have random quests which serve little to know purpose and come with no reward to the player. I want something well made and designed to reward the player for putting time and effort into their quest. 


3. Details! - Imagine a world of Skyrim where every NPC in a quest had so much detail it baffled you, that's what I am for in fact. I want something to be detailed and filled with little slight details that add so much to a character or story that it might have not been the same without it.


4. Free Will - Adding choices and making them significant to the quest is such a huge thing I want to add cause well the player should have right to free will. I want to even add something like multiple paths in the quest so that you can make the morally right choice (Ex: Saving a Khajiit Town) or morally wrong choice (Ex: Assisting the Bandits) in the mission.


5. Realistic Characters and Good Dialogue - I really want to strive to make characters well made and believable. I want them to have good traits and bad traits and not just "Evil" cause "Game says so...".


Suggest an Idea


You can always know that I will appreciate feedback and help of ANY kind by ANYBODY, so please do help me as I'm not the most creative person in the bunch. I would love Quest Ideas for Windfall that can be long, but not so long that it can be a stand-alone game. I can't do such BIG quests as I'm only one guy with other life things to do, so don't send those in.  


:happy:  The reason for no quests submitted currently is so that I will have time to actually present the full idea and not some bits and pieces of what I've got so far. I want to present it professionally and not lazily, so I will hold off on telling it yet  


Mod Team


Current Team:

NightGuardX (Quest Designer, Project Manager)

Darkrouge21 (Voice Actor)

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Oh good idea.. if I make like 2-7 threads for discworld I will get more views






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Oh good idea.. if I make like 2-7 threads for discworld I will get more views



I wanted to recreate the thread of Windfall due to some problems I was having with similarities to IQ (Immersive Quests) and some things I had to sort out with other moddders, there is no need to jump to conclusions....

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Closed by request.

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