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Werewolf's Information

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HornedReaperMJL's Werewolf FAQ for Morrowind Bloodmoon v1.13

I. Version History
II. About the FAQ
III. The Questions
IV. Werewolf Mods
V. Contact Me
VI. Copyright

I. Version History

Added three new questions.
Added warning about mod changes.
Added the mod author name for Werewolf Realism.

Added more information about the raven quest

Reworked the layout of the guide.
Fixed some wording in a few questions.
Added a small list of werewolf mods.

Added new questions and changed some information for existing ones.

Created the FAQ with lots of questions.

II. About the FAQ

The goal of this guide is to answer the most frequently asked questions about
werewolves that constantly pop up on forums.

This guide was compiled by searching through forums and finding various bits of
information. It also uses a great deal of my own knowledge that I gained from
playing the game. Unfortunately since this information was collected some time
ago it would be near impossible to find every person to credit information to.
So instead I thank everyone on the Morrowind Source forums as they helped me
compile this guide through their posts and responses.

The main reason this guide was compiled is because I’ve seen so many questions
on forums about werewolves that have been explained over and over in previous
posts so I decided to write this little FAQ about werewolves. Some answers MAY
contain spoilers but I’ve tried to minimize this as much as possible and as
ridiculous as some of these questions are I assure you they were asked on the
forums on more than one occasion.

III. The Questions

Note that this information is accurate for The Elder Scrolls Bloodmoon
version 1.6.1820 using any kind of werewolf mod may change or alter things
which will render some of this information incorrect. The most common of which
is if you will change every night as a werewolf.

Q: How do I become a werewolf?
A: Once you’ve progressed in the main quest far enough you can find werewolves
roaming around during the night time. When you find one let them repeatedly
attack you until you contract the disease which is called Sanies Lupinus (NOTE:
The disease is a common disease). Checking the inventory of dead creatures
seems to give you a chance to contract diseases too. If you can’t find a
werewolf roaming around use this console command to create one in front of you
placeatpc BM_werewolf_default” 1, 1, 1
Another way to become a werewolf is to do the main quest OR use the console
command which is
player->addspell “werewolf blood”

Q: Can I make other people werewolves?
A: No, you may be able to download a mod to allow this though.

Q: Can I be both a werewolf and a vampire at the same time?
A: You can’t as of v1.6.1820 but in earlier versions of Morrowind you can. To
my knowledge there is also a mod that allows you to become both at the same
time. However I wouldn’t recommend it. Being both would mean you can’t go out
in the day or you would be hurt by the sun and at night you’re a werewolf that
must kill people for food so you cannot talk with people. Therefore you can’t
really do a lot when infected with both diseases.

Q: Am I restricted to being only able to transform into a werewolf on
Solstheim or can I do it anywhere?
A: You are not restricted to location you can transform into a werewolf

Q: Can I still contract the disease after finishing Morrowind?
A: Yes you can but you will have to play through the main quest of Bloodmoon
OR you can use the console command which is
player->addspell “werewolf blood”
One last way is to create a spell that will lower your resistance to common
diseases to 0% which will allow you to contract it normally.

Q: I contracted the disease how long do I have to wait until I become a
A: Two days after you contract the disease. From then on you will transform
every night into a werewolf until you are cured of the disease.

Q: I don’t want to be a werewolf how do I cure it?
A: If you haven’t contracted the disease fully so you transform every night
use a cure common disease potion or spell on yourself.

Q: It's past 2 days and I’m sick of being a werewolf how do I cure it?
A: There are a few different ways. 1.) The simplest would have to be, find
the Gloomy Cave which is East of the Western river fork. Walk inside the cave
and look at the ceiling you should see an icicle hanging down. Jump or
levitate up to this icicle and open it as you would a chest. Inside is a
scroll, pick up the scroll, drop it on the ground and read it from the floor.
If all goes well you should be given a journal update stating you are no longer
a werewolf. 2.) The second way you can either go down by the dock at
Fort Frostmoth where you first come to Solstheim and look around for a note
or ask about latest rumours this will initiate the raven cure quest. Do note
that like all rumours you may have to ask certain or quite a few people before
you get the rumour your after. Once you've gotten a journal update talking
about a black raven hanging around the Altar of Thrond go there and talk to the
raven. This will start a quest at the end of which you will be cured of being
a werewolf. (NOTE: You can start the quest but you cannot finish the last
part if you have started the main bloodmoon quest as a werewolf).

Q: How often do I become a werewolf?
A: You will become a werewolf every night from 9pm to 6am. If you are seen
changing from a human to a werewolf or werewolf to human you will be notified
by a message and from then on you will be attacked on site regardless of what
form you are in.

Q: Can I change into a werewolf at will?
A: Not without a mod such as Werewolf Realism.

Q: Help I was seen now everyone attacks me how do I change this?
A: There is a global variable in the game that sets itself to the value 1
notifying you’re a known werewolf to all NPC’s. In laymen’s terms it’s like a
bounty. Use this console command to rid yourself of that pesky problem
set “pcknownWerewolf 0”

Q: How do I use my claws?
A: Draw them out as you would with any other weapon.

Q: Can I bite people as a werewolf?
A: Originally no, you can only claw and slash people to death. You may
however be able to download a mod to change this.

Q: How often do I have to feed/get flesh and how do I do it?
A: You will need to feed/get flesh every single night and to do it all you
need to do is kill an NPC. NPC’s include all humans, Argonian’s and Khajiit’s.
It also includes human enemies such as Berserkers, Stygn Hags, Smugglers,
Guards ect.

Q: What happens if I don’t feed/get flesh?
A: During the course of the night if you do not feed/get flesh you will loose
health slowly. Due to this it is possible that you will be dead by morning if
you do not feed/get flesh.

Q: Are there any quests for a werewolf?
A: If you got the disease through the main quest you will have dreams one or
two nights after you fully contracted the disease. Follow the instructions to
complete the quests (NOTE: The werewolf quests are actually an ALTERNATE main
quest which are given to you instead of the Skaal quests)

Q: I heard I can increase my claws damage how do I do that?
A: Complete the werewolf quests.

Q: I heard there is something that allows me to turn into a werewolf at will
is this true?
A: Yes its true complete the main Bloodmoon quest and you will acquire this
item. It will allow you to transform into a werewolf at will but the duration
is still the standard 9 hours.

Q: I can’t be bothered to finish the main quest to acquire the item can I get
it via the console?
A: Yes you can here’s the console command
player->additem "bm_ring_hircine" 1

IV. Werewolf Mods

a lot of people complain and whine that werewolfs are underpowered or no fun to
play. Here are a couple mods I personally use that improve werewolves greatly.
There are more mods than this for werewolves but these are only the ones I've
played with. Since I don't trust my ability to check and update links on a
regular basis you can find links to all these mods and more on Telesphoros'
List o'Mods.

Telesphoros' List o'Mods

Werewolf Evolution by Cortex
This mod is a must for werewolf players. It changes the stats of werewolves so
it uses your human stats as a base meaning if your weak in human form your weak
in werewolf form and if your strong in human form your strong in werewolf form.
This is good if you play from level 1 as a werewolf as I do.

Werewolf Realism by Sabregirl
This mod adds a stat boost to werewolves in human form. Makes it so you change
once a month instead of every single night. Changes the hunger system when in
werewolf form based on your willpower and allows you to change at will after
level 20 by tapping the sneak key. It also changes the rewards for the main
werewolf Bloodmoon quests and changes Hircine's ring to block transformations
when on but it can still be used to force a transformation.

Wereskins by Emberwolf
This small mod changes the looks of all werewolves so their a different color
(all werewolves will be the new color). There's a skin for black werewolves
and also a skin for artic looking werewolves.

V. Contact Me

If you have any questions about Werewolves in Morrowind Bloodmoon that are not
mentioned in this FAQ I will try to answer them as best I can. Also please
notify me if you find any of the information is incorrect.

Please send any comments/suggestions/corrections/death threats to
[email protected]

VI. Copyright

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2004 - 2005 Matthew Lackner

Edited by HornedReaperMJL, 06 October 2005 - 05:55 AM.

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Reaper, the spell id is "Werewolf Blood," not “sanies Lupus.” Also, just roaming around is not going to get you to a wereeolf unless you've reached a certain point in the main quest. There is a tomb on the Eastern coast of the island, to the West of Uncle Sweetshare's Shack and Southeast of Thirsk that always contains a werewolf, given that you enter it at night.



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Alright thanks i'll fix that up its just the info i collect i thought that code might be wrong but i wasnt certain. I cant exactly add those locations unless i know the proper name because otherwise people will simply end up roaming around unable to find the place. Also what do you mean its "Werewolf Blood" do you mean the addspell code is Player-> addspell “Werewolf Blood”' or do you mean thats what its called?

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Marxist ßastard


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Player->AddSpell "Werewolf Blood"

And if this is going to be a sticky, you might as well polish off your post a little bit.



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Thanks Marxist male without a father i fixed that little problem and changed about the werewolves i'll add in those cave locations as soon as i find them or someone tells me. I intend to polish this until its good and finished. Like i said i made this up since i've seen about 7 or more posts asking all the same questions so i thought i'd answer them all in 1 to stop further posts. I added all questions i could think of and all questions i found on forums such as how come i cant use my claws :blink: This question still amazes me since its so simple but there is indeed a thread on this forum that asks all about it. :P

Thanks for your help Marxist and notify me if anything needs adding or changing ok.



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ok, im pinning this, thanks, this should help avoid so many threads about werewolves! :)



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Thanks switch that was the plan. Side note my first pinned post yay. :lol:



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lol congratulations! :P and ur welcome. ;)




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Great idea. People keep making topics about werewolves, and it would be great if everyone could just read this.




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I've actually tried out and accomplished the 'Altar of Thrond' quest to cure the lychanthropy disease and trust me, it's messed up but it works.

**spoiler alert**

**spoiler alert**

How it starts is you discover a note by the boat dock at Fort Frostmoth, mentioning a raven at the Altar of Thrond as a sign that whitches have come to Solthsteim. The Nords, Skaal or otherwise, are all bewildered by this too.

At the altar, there is literally a black raven and it talks to you. It says it is actually a whitch with shapeshifting powers, and that she's more-than-aware of your knack for shapeshifting too. She offers to cure you of your lychanthropy (although you can refuse if you enjoy being furry and burly, like me ;) ). If you agree, she teleports you with her to the lair of her two sisters.

You perform two tasks for her sisters to get the needed ingredients, one of which is wolfsbane that grows atop a peak and the other to get some berries that grow around tombs or is occasionally carried by Spriggins. They use the stuff to make a brew, but the brew is not the cure....

This is where things get REALLY nasty. To complete the ritual, the whitches meet with you at the altar and have an innocent Nord woman to act as a human sacrifice basically. :( You're instructed to rip out her heart after killing her, which, after giving to the whitches, is bathed in the brew and then implanted back inside the innocent woman.

She turns into a werewolf b/c your lychanthropy has been absorbed into her and after killing the she-wolf, you are fully cured.

I don't particularly like this method of curing lychanthropy so after completing it I went back to an earlier saved game instead and bluntly refused. Still so far it's the quickest way I know of curing the disease, but that's the gist of it.

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