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Frozen 3rd person camera angle

glitch elsweyr 3rd person camera teleport camera frozen sjel blad castle qasmoke console help

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This issue arose out of a completely different issue. I currently have Sjel Blad Castle as my player home mod of choice for my game. The mod comes with teleport spells for getting around the home but if they get used in specific rooms then i get stuck with an infinite loading screen.

My problem started when i accidentally saved my game between when i cast one of the teleport spells and when i get teleported. So every time i would load my game, my character would cast the teleport spell and I'd get stuck with the infinite loading screen.

I was able to come up with a solution to this by opening the console the second the game loaded and then killing my own character. Then i would immediately resurrect my character to prevent the save from re-loading. this got my character stuck in the ground, to get out i used coc elsweyr and was then able to move normally.


This is where my real problem is now i'm stuck in the 3rd person camera view and the camera will not rotate around my character. Moving my mouse does absolutely nothing and It won't let me scroll into first person or use the F key to change camera perspective. however i can still move my character with WASD. I have tried everything i could think of the fix the camera with the console fov and animcam commands don't do anything.


On top of this i can no longer use coc to leave elsweyr and enter the Skyrim world. i can only use coc to get to qasmoke and WIDeadBodyCleanupCell. If anyone knows how to fix this i would greatly appreciate it. I'm level 87 and i really don't want to start over.

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