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Custom Armor Issues

shrouded armor enchanting enchantments creation kit mod

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I would like to preface this by telling you. I did spend a good while trying to find if this question has been asked before, with no success. If it has, my apologies. I swear I tried to find it.


Ok, noob modder here. Originally, I wanted to make custom shrouded armor sets. One for night, one for the snow, and one for the wilderness. I first attempted to make a separate set of armors and individually change the colors, but realized the process would be quite labored because I would need to change a large number of files. More than I have the energy for hahaha.


So I adjusted my goal and just made separate files to replace the originals and I would manually change when I wanted.


At the same time I did that, I also used the creation kit to take the enchantments off of the armor.


Now when I run the game I have a problem. If I enchant the armor then I cant improve it on the smith. And if I improve it on the smith then I cannot enchant it.


I cannot tell where the issue is coming from. I am hoping someone has seen this before and can point my noob brain in the right direction to fix it.


Thank you for your help!



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I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that when you improve the armor, it restores the original enchantment tags.  And, in order to temper (improve) enchanted items, you need the Arcane Smithing perk.  I've forgotten this last thing myself a time or two.

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