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Dazip files not appearing

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I installed the game and the PhysX and directX said that newer stull already installed so dont need to install

Yes I run Nvidia Geforce video card.



What I'm asking is HOW you installed the game. 


If from disc, the PhysX and DX files are on the disc itself.




Exactly like you described.




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Came across this forum today suffering the same problem. Mine is a bit more extensive, but same roots.


I too downloaded three Dragon Age: Origins mods from this site in .zip format. It has nothing to do with the browser in this case, I checked that.


I noticed that MegaToxic's "Wings of Velvet" mod was shared as a .dazip file. So I think his isssue was with managing the DAUpdater/Mod Manager. My three mods however were shared in .zip format to begin with. In other words my mod never actually contained a .dazip file from the start.


MegaToxic's "Wings of Velvet" mod= https://www.nexusmod...es&file_id=3312


My mod "Grey Wardens of Ferelden"= https://www.nexusmod...s&file_id=17152


Following some guides elsewhere I extracted the mod file using 7-zip to the override folder (I didn't actually have that folder and had to create it) this too failed however. 


Any help or attention is appreciated.



    Mrs Grumpy Girdle

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Wings of Velvet should download with a .dazip file extension. If it does not (and instead downloads with a .zip extension) then rename the file to have the correct extension and install as usual (with daupdater.exe or your preferred mod manager).


Likewise, the 'CORE' file for Grey Wardens of Ferelden should also download with a .dazip file extension, and would require the same treatment as above.


On the other hand, the 'Main' file for GWoF should download with a .zip extension, and requires unzipping and manual installation of whichever options are preferred and applicable.

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