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Dwemer Hydropyrokinetic carriage.

dwemer tech is so effing cool

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Real Car Mod

Well, I realized that the carriages had physics and, well, I was asking if it's possible for the carriage to be dragged by an invisible or non-existant horse. I had the idea from the SRM Companion cart and the touring carriages mod. If possible, I'd like dwemer style cart powered by fire salts (mileage of about 30 km/pinch of firesalts) , so apothecaries would actually be used as gas stations of sorts. It's gonna be great if there's steam particles coming out of the side exhausts. Kinda like the exhaust pipes of the optimus prime truck thingy near the windshield. I was thinking steampunk. Anyway, if it's possible to make a self moving cart without the help of a horse, (I think it's buggy if horses are involved.) How about adding some thrusters or something at the back. I mean, I know this is a physics game, it should be possible.. Possibly hard. Oh well, might just make the horse invisible :smile:




I will try to help to the extent of my abilities. I can edit sounds (I already have machine sounds in my database) and also I could do texturing. But for scripting and modeling, I can't help you there. Also, this will be the first mod project I will undertake in Skyrim/TES. I've been modding GTA for a while now, but not skyrim, so please bear with me being a simpleton at this undertaking. Please PM me if you wanna help cause I am not active on the internet beause of.... stuff.


Sorry for my bad english, I guess.

PS: Despite the lighthearted nature of the screenshot, please do try to take the request seriously. I really think a lot of gamers would like a mod like this.

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