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What's up about tribunal manors with no access?

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Just out of curiosity what is the scoop on Algernon Manor, Amalia's Manor and Oranyal Tower at Mournhold? I've tried looking them up and the only name I get is there is a Modder by the name Maura Amalia that did "Necessity for Purist " for Morrowind. Were these to be things added after release that never got finished or are they some kind of inside joke. I can usually come up with information about inside jokes somewhere, but if these are one of them it a very covert inside joke. :blink:

I know, I know, "Curiosity killed the cat." but as I believe, "Satisfaction brought her back". Thanks for any information that will help lead to my next resurrection. Sherrid ;D




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... well that IS interesting. Nice discovery. I haven't the foggiest idea, but someone ought to make them accessible via a mod, even if there's no interaction with them beyond that.

While they're at it, they can add in the shrine below Mournhold which once held the Staff of Chaos (the main artifact featured in Arena) before Jagar Tharn stole it. He was a bard in Barenziah's service, calling himself Nightingale, so perhaps he found out about the ruins below Mournhold through her.

Wow. That's going to bug me. I may end up making such a mod myself, to account for these "missing elements" in Mournhold, though it'll take a bit of learning on my part. If I do make such a mod, I'll be sure to give you credit for the find, Sherrid, as should whomever else takes up the mod if I don't.



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