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Before starting a new RP thread....

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In the wake of several threads deteriorating into flame wars, and threads being consumed by OOC arguments, admins and moderators have been discussing how this might be prevented in the future. Some changes may have to be made, but are still being debated.

In the meantime, please take note of this.

One thing which was mentioned was how the lack of a clear setting and failure to state clear rules contributed to these occurences.

We would therefore request that all rp threads should be given a descriptive setting - there are some excellent examples of settings on the forums. Any rules which apply must be explained clearly - a 'this is how we play it at home' is not sufficient.

Any thread which starts off without a setting and rules will be locked immediately, and remain locked until the thread starter supplies the missing information via PM.

PLease make sure you are familiar with the RP rules and guidelines set out in the pinned topics.

Also, please take RP disputes to the moderating team - the 'report to moderator' function has not been working as it should, but PM or e-mail should get someone's attention pretty quickly.

There's some excellent RPing going on on these forums - I wish I had the time to participate, but unfortunately at the moment I don't :(

If you have any suggestions as to what improvements could be made, please post them :)



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Dont flame on the thread!!! Dark0ne gave us PM's for a reason!!!

And no matter how much you think your not, PLEASE make absolutely sure your not playing other ppl's chars.



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:P tl;dr

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