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I'm looking for this armour mod...

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Okay, so I don't really use the forum here much, in fact this is my first and probably only time posting here unless something else comes up. So forgive me if this is in the wrong place or someone has answered this already but google has told me that no one has.


So there is a mod called "Stormlord Armor" which adds a really amazing Stromcloak armour to the game and makes it Ulfric's default armour. The problem is it's way too bulky for a female character and it doesn't quite look right. In my travels around google I have come across an image that features the metal shoulder piece from the armour but has removed many parts of the bulkier aspects.


I have only found one other person on a different forum who asked about this and someone linked them back to the original Stormlord page. Problem is there is nothing on the original page hinting to this "shoulders only" armour piece. That I can tell anyways.


So my question is, does anyone know who made this screenshot?




I have only found one copy of it and it was the other person asking about it. So if anyone could point me in the right direction or tell me if this was a personally made alteration that is not public that would be cool.


I just really hope there is a female version of this armour lurking around somewhere. It would make my week for sure.


Thanks in advance.






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Strong guess is that it's personal modification. Link to image section? If the person has other personal modifications then it's likely that it's one of those. 




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i know this was like 3 years ago but im wanting the same thing, i was wondering if you found out the answer

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