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Skip the Alduin Quest

skip alduin quest main alternate beginning skyrim dragons

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Everytime i look at the new Mods for Skyrim i think:"Should i reinstall it? Start to play it again?" but then i think about the Main Quest, fighting Alduin and how long it takes to just complete this Quest. If i dont finish the Quest i always have in mind, that somewhere in skyrim alduin is around and works on his plan to destroy the world. I could just ignore the quest but that wouldnt be the same, i dont want to play the game like this.


So here's my Mod idea:


A simple mod that skips the main quest


The player starts a new game, creates his character and spwans somewhere in skyrim,he then proceed to explore the beauty of the nature and stumbles upon a lot of adventures.


i hope i managed to describe my idea as simple as possible


thanks in advance




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There is a mod called in steamworkshop called Skyrim unbound. But it totally disables the main quest, you can buy breezehome and go to civil war. You can even make dragon spawn in MCM, and as long as you don't turn soul absorb, you can make dragon gear without doing being the dragonborn. It like live another live, but you can make it more random.




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perhaps make it deactivate the shouts also, like, the Non-Dragonborn play-through. 


Like, use the Alternate Start mod to let you begin elsewhere, and have this mod basically have the Dragonborn already show up, killed a bunch of Dragons and killed Alduin. There are still Dragons about (are there? I never finished the quest), so you can still fight dragons, but your status is never changed to Dragonborn, and all the Dragonborn quests are automatically finished. 


You might need to fix some things like how Lidia becomes your housecarl even though you didn't do the quests. 

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