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QUEST 1: Deep Down
RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Torches, some form of lighting, speed or health things.
Upon fast travelling to a settlement (I recommend Riverwood, it's the most reliable), a strange elf in glowing robes and mechanical equipment will approach.
This is Llavados, and he'll be your guide from now on. Talk to him, listen to what he has to say, and he'll then kill himself.
Search Llavados' body and pick up the glowing gear from it, it's the only thing on him so really if you miss it, you're an idiot.
Upon doing so, the gear (called a pneuma) will speak to you, telling you to go southwest of Dawnstar, to a place called Stonehole Mine.
It's marked on your map now, but the quest marker will ONLY lead you to it, it's not gonna tell you how to progress. I'm not that nice.
Head to and enter Stonehole Mine, the first room is straightforward, and there's only one door to progress. Spooky sounds will often indicate that enemies, will appear.
Your only enemy in this dungeon are Poltergeist Miners, these are ghost will low health, who hit hard. Deal with them, and head into the next room.
Despite this cavern's large size, most of it can be ignored. You will be on top of a large scaffold, with two paths to follow.
Head to the left, down the ramp and over to the left end of the cavern. A poltergeist will spawn, kill it. Progress, and enter into the Minecart alleys.
Here you will encounter haunted minecarts that move back and forward down a thin corridor. Touching them does serious damage, so avoid them at all costs.
Wait for the first to go by, rush to the left into the small transition area. The second one will go by (heading to the left), rush past it and head down to the right.
Now head forward, until you reach the door at the end, go through it into the cavern.
You'll be on an old cart bridge, suspended over a bottomless pit. Don't fall, and progress to the end of this bridge.
Go across the boards suspended over the pit, past the waterwheel, and reach the adjacent bridge.
Halfway through this bridge, a train whistle will sound and a light behind you will appear. You can ignore it, after all, why would the dragonborn be scared, he has no idea what a train is, trains aren't real you idiot.
Go through the door into the old mineshaft. Enter the small shack near the end. Behind some crates, at the end of this room, will be a lever. Flip it, and several ghosts will appear.
Take them out, and go through the door back to the cavern. You will jump down a ledge and head back through the alleys into the main cavern. Note now that there is a blue magical bridge, but only half of one.
Head to the other side of the cavern, dispatching any ghosts that appear. Head through the door into the canals.
This is straightforward, simply head up the ramps, killing ghosts as you go. At the end, you'll reach a small wood building and minecart station.
Head down to the end of the tracks, and through the building. There will be the second lever, flip it and leave by following the nearby stream.
You will now notice that the bridge is complete. Jump down, and head back any ramp to where you first came into this cavern, near the top.
Hop over the railing, onto the bridge, and follow it to the end. Go through the door into the cart station.
You will be at the top of a sloped ramp, with carts tied to a lift. Head down the ramp. Halfway through, the carts will come loose. Don't touch them! If you touch them, they will kill you instantly. In fact, they'll kill you instantly even if they're at the bottom.
Just don't touch them alright. Let them pass you or outrun them, they will fall down and explode for minimal damage. Avoiding the carts, head down towards a chest.
Said chest is worthless, the floorboards will break beneath you, and you'll fall into the gallery.
Llavados will say more things, it's up to you if you want to listen to get some context. Head into the main room, and around 40 ghosts will spawn.
You can fight them, but if you rush to the end, they will simply disappear when you reach the next small hall.
Head down to the ramp, go through into the deep cavern. A forcefield will block your way, and many, many ghosts will appear for a second, before forming into a giant miner, called Majer.
Majer, being so large, must be shot at his feet with spells or arrows to do damage. He otherwise has no special attacks.
Upon dying, he will split into two smaller Majers. This will occur several times, until you will be fighting small, dwarfed-sized majers. These ones will not come back.
Simply put, keep killing Majers until they don't come back.
At the end, the boss will die, and the forcefield will drop. Enter through the hole in the wall, and to a strange lift. Take it down, into an elevator station.
Both doors here will be inaccessible, ignore them, continue forward, and enter Lull-Mor. Listen to Llavados' speech, and the quest will end.

Lull-Mor has a variety of places, but many don't offer any particular benefit. The four people and locations to note are Hammar, in the Librarium, Avarri in his foundry, Numinar, and Llavados on the upper half.
Hammar will give lessons in lore, but also give general tips for each quest, which would be useful if you weren't using this walkthrough already.
Avarri, the smith, will make and sell items. I recommend as soon as you get a chance to make his protective pack, this will turn all instakill traps nonlethal, so you can stop bitching about them when you run into them because you're a moron.
Llavados will offer basic advice about possible quests, and tell you what your special equipment does.
Finally, Numinar is in the central tower, and gives you the main quests.

Enter the central tower, Control, and you will get caught in a forcefield. After a brief speech, the field will drop. Meet and talk to Numinar, then ask him about helping out.
Numinar will explain himself, and mark three locations on your map. He will also give you two items, a visor, and a hammer. He will also unlock one of the doors in the elevator station, allowing you to quickly come to and from Lull-Mor.
When you wear this visor, you will, if you aren't an unobservant twerp, that it will add a spell to your powers list, called "Lullian Ping". It is red, as is the visor.
Equip both spell and hammer, and head out through the elevator. First, head to High Hrothgar. The quest marker will point you at a small beam in the world. use the visor power on it, standing back of course, and it will create a platform.
Activate this platform, and a peg will appear. Smack this peg three times with the hammer, and it will go in.
Head to the Thalmor Embassay, and repeat this procedure.
Next, head to Winterhold. When you activate the platform, an invisible AI called the Analyst will scold you. Talk to him, and either give him the diamond or use your speech powers to convince him.
You can now hit the peg three times, make sure you aren't hitting the Analyst by mistake, so stand behind the peg to do it.
Now, head back to Lull-Mor, and talk to Numinar. A cutscene will occur, and the quest will be finished.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Stealth equipment, high sneak, or anything else to make sneaking easier.
At level 20, ask Numinar about his plan, and he will tell you to go to Whitehorn Pass, but not before giving you forged letters and enchanted robes.
These robes will prevent the guards from catching you in non-restricted areas! It is vital you wear it if you are to stay alive, you idiot.
Anyway, head up some pipe stairs to the Upgate Station, and talk to Subori there. She will tell you to clean out the butter below.
Heading down the east staircase, you will be in a section with lots of nonlethal pump traps, and piles of butter. If you don't have a shovel, Subori keeps one in her little cell.
Either way, locate the butter deposits and activate them, clearing them out. When all are cleaned, your journal will update.
Talk to Subori, activating the Upgate, and head through it. From here on out, you're on your own.
Head across the bridge, and talk to the guard. Follow him inside, don't go ahead, and he will talk to your again.
Follow him down into Whitehorn, and a scene will occur. Following this, Archeron, the main villain, will talk to you and send you on your way.
Explore the estate for a while, in the kitchen cupboards you will find a key, but it is not essential. Head out the north door into the courtyard.
Avoid the guards, and pick the lock on the door to Whitehorn's labs, or use the key you found earlier.
Inside these labs, the guard will be hostile, but is fairly blind and can't detect people very well. Your robes aren't needed here, so feel free to equip stealth stuff.
Look around, read some books if you want, but head through the closed door, into Archeron's bedrooms. An alarm will go off, and you will be caught.
You will wake up in a cell stripped of all your equipment, Archeron will talk to you, then leave.
When he leaves, a secret passage will open, and Llavados will appear. He will say some stuff, give you back the visor, then leave.
Equip the visor, and use it on the beam in your cell, disabling the cell door.
Head down the stairs. The guards do damage, but are again, very blind and hard of hearing, making them easy to sneak past.
Use the visor on the beam, and head through the passageway that appears.
Wait for the next guard to go by, to the right, and head up the stairs.
Use the visor's power on this beam, and again, head through the passageway.
In this large room, head along the rafters and activate the large chandelier. It will drop, incinerating the guard near it. Head through the passageway he was guarding and go to the left.
Stand in front of the beam here, you will hear Archeron and his lackey. Use the visor on the beam, and a passageway will appear in the far east corner of this little loop.
head through it, and grab Archeron's Journal and the key. You need both, so don't miss them!
Exit the dungeons through the once locked door. You will be back in Whitehorn. These guards and blind, but good of hearing. Sneak out or run out, but make sure to, on your way out, head to the closet behind the dead bear near the entrance. This part holds your stuff.
On the way out, the first guard, Secarius, will attack. He is the only guard that can be killed, but doesn't need to be. Either way, escape Whitehorn Pass, and head through the portal you came to this place through. The guards won't follow.
Head back to Numinar, give him the journal. He will say some things, then head outside and make a speech. At the end of the speech, talk to him again.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Protective Pack, made by Avarri
Numinar will tell you to retrieve a drillbit in a factory. Head to the elevator station, and go to the shaft where the shortcut is. With the visor on, look up and see a beam. Use your power, and a passage will open to the Foundry.
In the first part of the foundry, go right and flip the switch, raising the bridge. At the end of this bridge, flip a switch to raise the other bridge. Enter into this water tank, look down and to the right to see a beam, and use the visor on it.
Hop across the platform that appears and activate the key chest on the other side. Leave this room whichever way you wish, and head back to the main room. Go across the bridge you raised, and into the other room, on the left.
Activate the switch, this will spawn a boiling sentinel. It's not too powerful, kill it and take the key from its body, then leave the room.
In the main room, head to the center door, unlocking it and entering the Foundry Transfer section.
This area is full of moving platforms and pistons that push you off. Heading left, follow the path, watching your footing, and enter through the door into the main foundry.
In the main foundry, progress along this pathway, killing sentinels and dodging the pistons.
At the center of this pathway, you will notice you can drop down onto another one. Do so, kill the sentinel on it, and head through the door.
In this room, a fire column will pop up as you enter. Avoid it, and head straight across in the heating room.
In this room, the floor will be covered with fire traps, and you will also have to fight a sentinel. The sentinel will take damage slowly from these traps, so either kill it or outlast it, and take the key from it.
Head back through the door you came from, and go to the right, into the Hall of Anor. This room will hold more pistons and platforms, but is straightforward. Head across, unlock the lift, and go back to the beginning of the foundry.
Head across the big piston path again, this time all the way to the end. Unlock the Hall of Nox with your key.
In this hall, flame traps and pistons are your enemy. Avoid them, and head straight then take a right to enter Pump Control.
Entering pump control, you will notice that you are in a large room, with a pit in the center and pistons pumping into said pit. A welding soldier, a miniboss, will spawn.
The goal is to knock him into the pit three or four times, do this by positioning yourself in front of a piston and letting him stand there, he will be hit inevitably.
Upon his death, a small aclove near the blocked passageway will spawn your next quest item. This is the Rod of Ohm, and it does damage to robots, and can also activate those big long blue ohmic switches you saw.
Use the rod on the switch in the room, unlocking the blocked passageway.
Continue along the gear path, entering back into the high foundry.
In this section, the pistons are much faster. Either way, head across this path, into the boilery.
Ignore the upper part of this section for now, and head to the right and through the door. The platforms you will be on all have flame traps, so be careful! You'll end up at the beginning of the foundry. Head along the path, until you reach that drop-down path you went through to get the Anor and Nox key.
Drop down, head back into the room with the fire pillar, and go right. In this room, kill the two sentinels, and hit the switch with the rod. This will spawn a key chest in front of it, activate this to get the final key.
Now back track through the Hall of Anor, Nox, and all the way back up to the boilery. This time, head up and left, through the previously locked door.
Head along the path, killing the sentinels as you go, and through the door.
You will be now in the security station. This is a straight path filled with fire pillars, avoid or bypass them, and reach the end. Here, you will enter the main foundry. Walking forward, a large machine will be lowered, and you will fight your second boss.
BOSS FIGHT: The Whistling King
This dragonlike robot hits like a truck, but is otherwise slow. Avoiding his attacks, you must lead him over the grates, then use your Rod of Ohm to hit the blue switches. Lava will pour down on him, making him vulnerable to damage.
When you hit a blue switch, it will disappear for thirty seconds, so make sure your attacks count. The lava will also not hurt you, so feel free to get up close. Once he is dead, you are free to take the drillbit.
Return to Numinar, you will notice that the second passage in the elevator station is unlocked, and that many new guards and miners have appeared. Either way, Numinar will tell you that he'll contact you sometime, and take the drillbit.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Protective Pack, made by Avarri
When next you fast travel somewhere, a portal will spawn, and out will come Numinar. He will take you back to Lull-mor, and ask you to take care of some undead attacking the mining team.
Head back to the elevator station, through the lift to your right, and into the mining tunnel. At the end of this long tunnel, you'll find dead miners and a passageway into the Brass Forest.
Now in the brass forest, head to the right, into the Great Grove. You'll be up against undead, but head forward, killing them as you go. When you reach the end of the pathway, head up the large stairlike branches, then at the end of this, turn right and head up this branch.
Navigate your way along these branches, taking care not to fall. Eventually you'll come to a fork in the branchpath, one heading straight and the other to the left slightly.
Take the straight path, following it straight, to the left, then up a branch to a small opening in the wall. You will see an unactivated undead, and a visor beam. Use your visor power, which will spawn an ohmic switch.
Use your switch on this, and the undead will come alive. Kill it to get a shortcut key.
Now head back along the pathway to the original fork in the path. This time, take the path you didn't take, head along the pipe, kill the undead, and enter the Steel Hollow.
Here, head straight, and use the branches to jump across the enormous pit. Enter through the door into the west catacombs, and kill the enemies inside. Activate the key chest, and leave.
Hop across the branches once more, and use your shortcut key to exit to the right. Ignore the other door for now.
Now back in the foyer, head to the other side of the room, and open the door to the root maze.
This maze is filled with, for now, unkillable bone striders. Avoiding them, make your way down to the southern middle side, where there will be a key in a chest. Now that you have this key, head to the east middle side, and open the door there.
You will now face a miniboss, Machinary. Every so often, it will clone itself, and hide amongst the clones. Said clones do the same damage, but die very easily. Otherwise, he has no special way to die.
When the Machinary dies, a sword will spawn in the back of the room. This green thing is Goveri's Unwinder. Head back out into the maze, you can now kill the bonestriders with ease. Make your way through, slaughtering as you go, and enter the foyer once more.
In the foyer, head back to the other side, and enter the Steel Hollow. Take the door you didn't enter, into the winding column. Hit the wiggly thing with your sword, which will spawn a chest in front of you. You will get a key.
Head back through the door, back into the foyer, and back to the other side. Enter the Great Chasm, and head down the ramp. Your goal here is to find and hit a green switch with the sword. Doing so will spawn another green switch, which will spawn another.
Hitting the final green switch with the sword will spawn a chest in the coffin near you. Open it, get the key, and leave the chasm.
In the foyer, head to the final, unlocked door, the one that was across the bridge. Your key will open it, leading you into a massive cave with a coffin at the center.
Head down the stairs. A strange force will appear, resurrecting several bodies, which then form into the boss, Old Tho Mahalis.
BOSS FIGHT: Old Tho Mahalis.
Mahalis can take damage from the start, but hits hard and fast. Every few seconds, he will spin around, and fire red wave of energy at the player. This wave hits for serious damage, but is predictable and can be avoided easily enough.
When Mahalis takes enough damage, he will start glowing green, stop moving, turn invincible, and spawn a large amount of undead. You have a few seconds to hit him with the unwinder. If you don't, he will heal himself.
Simply do this until Mahalis dies, focus on him, only taking on the undead when he is no longer invincible.
When Mahalis is dead, he will start violently exploding, and the cavern will begin to collapse. You will black out, and awake in Numinar's Control with two other characters. Let them talk, follow their conversation, then finally talk to Numinar.
Numinar will tell you he will contact you again when he needs you.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Protective Pack, made by Avarri, torch or light source
Next time you fast travel somewhere, a portal will appear, and spawn an invisible talking activator at your feet. Talk to it, and Numinar will bring you to Lull-Mor to fend off against some Thalmor.
Said Thalmor all fairly strong, but you've got a small army of angry fabricants behind. Take this time to watch as they happily beat the utter s*** out of all the Thalmor, but make sure Llavados stays alive.
When all are dead, wait a bit, Fyr, Yagrum, and Numinar will approach you, and have a speech. Talk to Numinar and you will end up in jail. Fyr will approach you and go through a speech.
You will end up in the bottom of the world. Unable to escape, wait about 10 seconds, and a small child will approach you and unlock the door for you.
Follow the balls of light up the ramp and talk to Llavados. He will unlock the door and send you on your way.
In this first room, you will have two doors on either side of you. Head to the right door and go through. You will have to make it across a platform as balls of harmful light are fired at you. Avoid them, make it to the end, and flip the lever. Head back the way you came.
In the room you didn't take, enter it. You will see to your left a visor beam. Use your power on it, and to the right of you an ohmic switch will spawn. Hit it with the rod, and in the back, a green unwinding switch will spawn. Hit that, and a large platform with a lever will appear.
Activate the lever, and leave the room. The one door you couldn't go through will now be unlocked.
This room will be the same as the first one, two doors to your sides, one locked door in front of you. Head through the door to the right.
Several Dullimer will spawn. These are powerful spellcaster with high health, but will take damage based on how much light is shining on them. Keep them close to the center light, but also bring out a torch, lantern, or other light source to damage them.
When all three are dead, a lever will spawn. Activate it and leave the room.
In the room you didn't take, you will find more platforms with harmful lightballs being fired. This time however, you must use your visor on the beams floating around to create more platforms to follow. When you reach the end of these platforms, there will be the last lever. Hit it, and head back to whence you came.
You can now enter the next locked door. Go through it, and you will be in a room with a large friendly stone golem, and a pit in the center. Nothing you can do here, head to the left and enter the Arena.
This miniboss is called the outlighter. He has a ton of health, and will stand on a platform firing fireballs at you continuously.
The trick to killing him is to focus on the four little stations scattered about. Each one will have a ball above them, either green, blue, or red. This indicates what you have to hit the pedestal with.
Red, obvious to people who aren't braindead, is the visor.
Blue, obviously, is the rod.
And green is Goveri's Unwinder.
Each time you hit one of these, a light will come out, damaging the outlighter for serious damage.
When he is dead, he will disappear, and a shield, the Lullian Shield, will spawn.
If you power bash (hold down the bash button) with this shield, it will fire out a projectile that sends normally invincible enemies flying.
Head back into the room with the golem, and use the shield to knock it into the pit. The door will unlock and you may progress further.
In this next room, it will be similar to a previous room you were in. Use your visor to enable platforms and form a path across the endless pit. However, there are many MANY more light balls flying about, so be careful.
When you reach the end, enter through the door into the elevator room. Climp up the ramp, and try to go to the elevator. It will close, and out will come Masscroft.
BOSS FIGHT: Masscroft
Masscroft hits like a truck, and occasionally will turn invisible and teleport somewhere. Dangerous as he may be, killing him is quite simple. Just use the shield you recieved to knock him into the pit. Each time this is done, he will scream. Five times into the pit, and Masscroft will die permanently, unlocking the elevator door.
Head through the door, and back up to Lull-Mor. It's time to finish things once and for all.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Protective Pack, made by Avarri
Enter the mining tunnel (the same one you entered for the Brass Forest) and head all the way to the end. Enter through, and you will be in the Cave.
Things are fairly easy here, just use your shield to knock the Thalmor into the lava below. Remember it is ranged, so take advantage of that.
Head straight, ignoring the forcefielded door for now. You will enter a room with a large spiraling ramp. Head down it to the bottom, whacking Thalmor as you go, and flip the lever. Head back up and through the non-unforcefielded door.
In this room, head to the left, going through the flame traps will kill you instantly. You can always bypass them with Become Ethereal though. Hit some Thalmor, and head back up the ramp and the end of this hall. Head forward, to the left again, and repeat. You will then reach the end of this section.
Next, enter the next room, whacking Thalmor, and head to your right when you reach a fork in the road. Entering this room, you will navigate a thin path while launchers fire fireballs at you. These do serious damage, so try and avoid them any way you can. You will end up next to a dead miner, who holds a power source for the drill. Pick it up, you'll need it.
Exit this room the way you came, and head straight, then to the right at the second fork in the road.
Entering this room, you might hop across the pillars, hitting Thalmor, until you reach the second dead miner. Pick up the drillbit he has, and leave the room.
Finally, enter the last room, which is to your right when leaving the previous room. Kill the Thalmor, and activate the back of the drill. Said drill will destroy the wall, and you can climb up it and progress further.
Go through the passageway, kill the one Thalmor, and walk into the large beam of light. You're almost to the end!
In this room, two large fires will block your path, head to the corner, flip the switch, and the two fires will temporarily go out. Rush through them, and navigate the following pathways. The fires there will kill you, but can be avoided if you slowly manuver around them.
You will reach another series of thin platforms, with more fireballs firing out. Avoid and navigate the platform, all the way to the enter. Head into the final room.
Here, you will be facing down a small army of Thalmor. Simply knock them into the pits, and head forward, into the heart of Snow-Throat itself.
Once you reach this area, head to the left and talk to Numinar. Archeron will appear and talk to you, then the final fight will begin.
BOSS FIGHT: Justicar Archeron
Archeron can do serious damage with his sword, and also teleports in various ways. Sometimes, said teleportations leave behind a spell, that will then fire at the player for serious damage. Other times, he will rapidly spam his teleportation and dart around the room.
Each time he teleports, Archeron changes color to red, green, or blue. Based on this color change, you must hit him with the proper item, much like the outlighter.
If red, hit him with the visor.
If blue, the rod.
If green, the sword.
When you do this, he will turn purple, pull out your shield and power bash him, causing him to explode in a flash of bluish light.
Do this five times, and things will start rapidly exploding and falling apart. Snowthroat will fall away, revealing a sea of stars, and Archeron will pull out his final creation.
An enormous flying robotic skull and skeletal robot hands, RAMON's head flies in a circle around the room, occasionally firing off a fireball, which hits for massive damage. His two hands will move around the room, firing fireballs at you or attempting to ram into you for massive damage.
Ignoring the hands, use your shield to fire its projectiles at the head. When they hit, the head will roar. Do this ten times, and it will start to explode.
You will awake in the mainframe of Sotha Sil. Talk to Llavados, or Memory if you wish, and you will leave, ending the quest.

REWARDS: Talking to Numinar, he will let you freely access Lull-Mor from now on. You may also go to Avarri, who will turn your shield into a harquebus. Said harquebus can be traded to Numinar for his cutting sphere, a powerful melee weapon.




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In response to post #20132774.

Dear Caithe/Trainwiz or whoever,

I have come across a game-breaking bug. Whenever I defeat Ramon (No matter how many times i tried) I cannot talk to Llavados or Memory. It just puts me in that room and sometimes they'll say the dialogue lines that they're supposed to, but they won't engage dialogue. Please help





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While I havint beaten the quests for this yet and didn't read all of this you seem to know what your talking about, so perhaps you can help me with a quest you didn't mention, it's called Up and Atom, when going into Numinars quarters if you go around the circle there's this big guy who looks like a statue, but if you activate him it says you need a couple parts to fix him, so I fixed him and now it wants me to find a way to turn him on, there are these beams beside him that say activate, but I've clicked them a hundred times each now and they don't seem to do anything, I thought of casting lighting, hitting them with stuff, I don't have the special hammer he gave me so I figure that's not it, what do I do?




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In response to post #20758589.

i came here looking for the answer to this same question. Can someone let us know if it is something that happens later on in the story line so I don't spend my weekend looking for something that doesn't yet exist?? Please? :)

edit: Update - I got the staff. now i understand. He is working now. He is cool. Thanks!

Also - I started this mod at around Level 20 - and I've not done many of the Dwarven ruins missions yet. There is a part where I need something like 8 Dynamo Centurion cores to make a backpack. Is there an easy way to get these without having to dungeon dive and fight 8 Centurions for them? Like a store that sells them or something??



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In response to post #20758589. #20772639 is also a reply to the same post.

edit: Update - I got the staff. now i understand. He is working now. He is cool. Thanks!




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In response to post #20132774. #20195000 is also a reply to the same post.

The head disappears after a little move away from me!

Edit:Sorry,this thing fixes after save and reload.

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In response to post #20132774. #20195000, #20849734 are all replies on the same post.

Please enlighten me...Who Llavados is really? If he knows about Landfall, he knows about Shezzarine, and he knows what it's like to be "in shoes of a god", then perhaps he is....Nerevarine?




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In response to post #20132774. #20195000, #20849734, #21226009 are all replies on the same post.

Not even the librarian is speaking to me about him.




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please someone help i got the quest from Llavados but but I left to do after making anothers the quesst but now she disappeared!!!!PLEASE HELP




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Edit: sorry, posted in the wrong spot.

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