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Can't manually instal mods

dragon age origins installing mods

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So people keep saying that you can instal Dragon Age Origins mods manually by unzipping a file and editing html stuff and reading the read me's that they claim come with their mods and etc and I'm sure that would be very helpful if it weren't for the fact that I can't see any of the stuff they're talking about. I have no idea what i'm doing here or how anything works so bare with me in explaining the problem.


I've been trying to get the CharGenMorphCompiler and the Change Your Characetr's Face and Hair mods to work but they just, don't. They're both RAR files and I'm assuming these two things are programs but I wouldn't know cause they don't do anythign when i click on them or try to instal them. 


Things i've tried

  • Double clicking the icon: does nothing
  • Open with: the two programs that it let's open it with are Office XML Handler which does nothing, and Notepad which just gives me gibberish.
  • Downloading it manually and with NMM: neither does anything
  • Going to /packages/core/override/ and putting it there: Doesn't work
  • Going to /addins and putting it there: doesn't work

I'm using windows 7 on a digital storm computer and i'm playing the Ultimate Edition version of the game. Some RAR file mods that work with NMM: Look Hair, All Recipes, Phoenix Armory. Also while Look Hair works, Braids for Ferelden and the Hair Tints mod that's on the same download page as it doesn't.


So yeah, I don't know what i'm supposed to do and I can't follow any of the directions I've been given because i'm not seeing any option to do so.



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i'm not playing or modding DA2 but your problem seems to be with a .rar package which is a compressed Archive.

to open it you need WinRar or 7z or WinZip, google them, install and then when you'll right clic on  CharGenMorphCompiler, you'll have a menu asking where you want to open it, the best is For EX.: C:\download\ CharGenMorphCompiler

you will have a new file with all the ..stuff they are talking about :) it is what they said by i


instal Dragon Age Origins mods manually by unzipping a file




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Korun is right. Looks like you haven't unzipped the files. As I tried to explain in the pm. You have to overwrite the original Look Hair texture file (.tga) of the hairstyle you want with braids with the one of the "Braids of Ferelden". Braids of Ferelden works only if you have installed Look Hair!
The hairtints work too. You have to edit your chargenmorphfile or run the compiler.




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That worked, thank you both  :smile:



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See this article: Using Dragon Age Mods for Dummies.  (Especially, "How mods are packaged".)

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