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SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN: this game needs you my friend modders,gather for the future.

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some of you may already be familiar with me, many other may not. i'm here today becouse i met here the most exquisite and talented people i ever had the pleasure to work with, some of the i considder to be firends. we all share our passion for this game and we all wanted to see it live long. a couple of months ago i made a decision to make this come true. i wen't on the official namco bandai forums and asked the whole communiti to voice theyr opinion on this matter. i even left a link tho the poll in  another thread started by me in the mod discussion section of this game.


now i ask you all to voic once again your opinion, along with my collaborators on the stam forum AND in the official forum so we can make this REALLY unfair politics you may already heard of regarding this upgrad/next gen version we souls fans so veemently requested. 



i know all of you here actually WORKED to improve this game.  GEM and gedosato. all the skyboxes frmo my friend ash, the texture overhaul form  my firend cavou the beatiful weapon ( and icons, i didn't forget :D ) from darkravensilversmith and many many other ALL of you.


now  that this game is being remade in what it should have been in th  first place i don't think ANYONE has more word in this than you guys with worked day and night for this game for months, no less than many devs. so please, please inform yourself on the matter and come here  http://forums.bandai...f-the-First-Sin


and help the souls comunity as a whole to make things right for everyone once again! love you guys!


here you can find my  old poll if you are interested in speak with a vote or leaving an opinion regarding the work we menaged to do  thank you






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Hopefully we can see some mods for DS2: SOTFS

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