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tactics for fallout series

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when I first played fallout 3 it sucked, mainly because I could not defend myself

I could not understand why game maker give you a stick to defend yourself when you first start most games. so I stopped playing it out of frustration.

then a friend told me about nexus mods, well after loading a few weapons and nudie mods it was a new game.

I could now kick ass and have eye candy, wow what a difference a few mods can make. I only play offline so having a companion meant lots more fun and max out the difficult level. there are lots of companion mods so load 2 or 3, if they suck or are boring just send them home.

some people call it cheating to have weapon modes but if you don't play online its not their call 




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Forgive the necropost, but hello envoy23!


Did you not ude the BB gun to kill a couple of gaurds that seemed to stay at the end of a short corridor in some communal area in bunker your character's home bunker and and take their armour and guns? If you play it again, don't kill the bunker's boss when H'e sin the room interrogating someone, He goes to another room later, when he has, go into that room he was in and loot it. If youdo kill Him, it apparewntly nesses up a bit of the story line later.


I have played fallout 3, and I did it with mods. The main one was one that got rid of the yellowish caste. There was also a mod that put some weapons, armour, food, water and medpacs into that last little room as you go down the hidden stairs in the boss's office. I also used a mod which gave me a Lee-Enfield rifle (not the name used in the game for it, for some reason), which was the best general rifle as it had a 10-shot capacity. There was also a mod which gave me an abandoned bunker, but it fedlt a bit spooky until I decorated it with various ornaments such as toy trucks and cameras and books. I had a mod which was supposed to add rain but it it never did rain. One thing I wasn't keen on was the re-spawning of the same baddies in the same spot doing the same things. This got worse after the main game was finished.

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