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Mod for transferring/selling/buying items

help! noob selling items transfer

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Hello all,


I was wondering if there is a mod/way when selling items and/or transferring them that changes the amount of items being transferred to start with 1 instead of maximum number. I know what I'm saying doesn't make much sense so let me simplify it, for example if I have 10 sapphires and I go to sell them at any shop, I noticed that when I sell them 1 by 1 I get more skill points to speechcraft then selling them all at once, same goes for the crafting of items, if I do 1 by 1 I get more if I do them 1 by 1, so my question is this, is there a mod to change the scrolling panel to stat at 1 rather than 10 in case of the sapphires I want to sell? IF not, is there a mod to fix the nonsense of having to sell 1 by 1 and instead just by selling/crating any number of items at once to get points for each item independently? 


I know this is a tough, and yes it does bother me to sell 50+ gems 1 by 1 using the stupid scrolling panel, so it would make my experience really much more easier, and I would really appreciate your support. Thanks in advance and wish you all a clean gaming experience with no CTDs :D



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