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Become the Emperor (Forming a team)

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ATTENTION: I am not the best Mod maker not even a good one. That is why I need you.


I had an idea not too long ago to create a Skyrim Mod that eradicates the Thalmor from Skyrim. Eventually that idea adapted to the Dragonborn actually becoming the Emperor with the ability to explore Cyrodiil as well as palaces in other Provinces for social events and things of the like. The other day I got the idea to incorporate some of the features from the end of Oblivion Shivering Isles DLC. 


This mod could include (With your help):

The Map of Cyrodiil

Reforging of the Amulet of Kings

Relighting of the Dragon Fires

The Imperial Arena

Reference to the Knights of the Nine Addon

War with the Thalmor

And more


Now I'm looking for as many people I can with enough experience with the Creation kit to aid in the creation of this mod. I'm looking for people with experience in:

Map Making

Quest Making 

Weapon Making

Dungeon Making


I NEED YOU!!! Even if you can't help show this to someone who could. 



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Okay, let me reiterate this. I guess I made a post on it for a reason, so I can just relink it.


Read rhe ENTIRE thing. Carefully read the part about not being a "good mod maker". The highlight of that is basically it doesn't matter. Learn and improve and try or no one will join the team.




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The article Matthias wrote is spot on.   You have a great idea, but the scope of your project is MASSIVE.   Even somebody who has a sterling track record of fantastic mods is going to have trouble convincing others to sacrifice the kind of time this mod will require.   (Unless you can pay them.  Money is the great motivator, after all.).  

I would direct you to the Beyond Skyrim project.   They've already done the ground work that you'd need to spend half a life time creating on your own.  While they probably won't be keen on dropping their goals to support yours, I bet they're looking for people to help them create content, where your quest idea could definitely find a home.   However, you'll need to contribute more than the idea, otherwise it becomes nothing more than a request.

Good luck, dude.  You'll need it.

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