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Replacing RND (/luck) completely with damage reduction.

rnd luck damage reduction

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It would be nice to have a mode which would remove RND/luck elements and balance game around it.
Here is how I imagine removing some of the RND elements from the game.
[General remark] All weapons, grenades and rockets should hit their intended targets. Instead of having hit and miss mechanics we would embrace damage reduction.
30% chance to hit would be instead 30% of your weapon damage (so with weapon of dmg 10 you would do damage of 3 with 30% chance to hit)
Weapon damage of 5-7 would be instead 6 constantly (so average instead of RND)
20% chance to critically hit would work like a damage just add on top of normal damage
All cover and armour defence would just reduce damage
Grenades/rockets would always loose 0.5 damage with each tile from where they landed
I hope this would remove frustrating part out of the game when experience soldier dies because he couldn't kill that alien from point blank range. Also it will make this game work more like a chess game.
I'm not a moder but I would like somebody to make mode like that.




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I thoroughly agree with this suggestion.

This would require a massive overhaul of the mechanics and game balance but i think the shift to a more strategy oriented xcom would be phenomenal.




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I think knowing the exact outcome of every offensive action would take a lot away from game play.  I enjoy taking my best available option based on the numbers and then having to react to the outcome.  I think a formula where you know exactly how many hits you need would get boring.




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i agree and yet there is still an issue of incompetence among the troops. if you could fix the incompetence by increasing aim and hit percentage. then you increase the range of damage potential of weapons while figuring in armor mitigation penetration and extra effects. 


there will always be a chance to miss. it just seems the incompetence of the soldiers is quite high. you could double or triple the amount to hit and anything over 95 could then be figured toward extra damage done to the enemy. 

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