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How to customise an outfit in Nifskope (beginners tutorial)

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Did anyone who had trouble with missing mesh pieces showing up in game ever find a solution to the problem? I've been scouring the web for an answer and no one seems to know how to fix it. If you have an answer then please share it so that the fix to this problem can be told to the community.




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This tutorial/thread is officially abandoned. :)
Regarding all questions about attaching non-armor elements like weapons to armors, attaching shoulderpads to knees, adding armor to creatures etc. - you need to use Blender to do that, it's a bit more complicated but there are good tutorials around. Not achievable in Nifskope.
Replacing underarmor texture with body texture - not that simple because armor texture is mapped differently, body texure won't fit on it. You'd have to make a custom texture or remap UV in Blender.



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okay i followed the instructions to make a custom made mixed armor on nifskope. but now geck keeps crashing whenever i try to load it in, also  just noticed the branch name keeps getting renamed when i paste the branch i chose

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Added few last bits of info, i think this covers basic outfit modification in Nifskope thoroughly now. New stuff:

1. Preparing.
Go to File / Auto Sanitize before Save, make sure it's checked.

2. Combining your outfit.
Keep in mind that there is no Undo in Nifskope. Save often and keep backups of various stages of your work.

3. Adjusting the new shape.
If you want to scale the shape along X, Y, Z axes, Transform / Scale Vertices.

6. Finishing up
Go to Spells / Batch, click Update All Tangent Spaces. This will prevent many bugs.
Go to Spells / Optimize, click Remove Bogus Nodes. This will remove all unused parts of the skeleton, useful if you're making an armor addon (Tailor Made style). Don't do this if you intend to add some parts later!
Some tutorials advise stripifying TriShapes in Nifskope, I advise against it as this can distort a mesh (ie arms on Tobar's Outfit from Point Lookout DLC). This is best done in Blender.

Hey man I didn't understood. What I need to do if I want to see the Combat Armor, Reincforced MK1 and MK2 with the gloves of the reinforced metal armor




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If you are using a Skyrim Special Edition mesh, you will need to convert it to a Skyrim Legendary Edition with SSE NIF Optimizer (its a mod from nexus).




This video tutorial shows how to edit an armor or weapon using only Nifskope to change the size, scale and positions.

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