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Hello modders and thank you for the contributions you people make for X-rebirth and eventually reviving a failing game. the devs used up 7 years to create a buggy game with lots of potentials and you people turn that potential into reality and made this game at least worth something. a Thank you from the devs to you guys is very much well overdue. if its not asking too much, may i present some of the mods that i wonder if you guys can turn into reality ?


1.) Allow Capital ships to be commanded to move into a certain coordinates or just top view area within a zone without having the need for the skunk to be there.


2.) Allow Capital ships to be commanded to target specific strategic objects only. for example, i wanted help from capturing a ship so i bring in my capital ships and as expected they attack enemy drones. but i needed for them to attack the enemy capital ship's defenses first and stop them halfway before they destroy the entire ship. what often happens is my capital ships would attack the hull and shields of the enemy ship and it gets destroyed leaving its turrets intact. even worst, they attack the ship with my marines still inside the ship. there is however an Attack Object option within the game that enables you to command your fleet to attack certain objects with the enemy capital ship but it requires you to get yourself open for a shot or after they attack that object they begin attacking the hull.


3.) include an option to show/remove the Square symbol that helps you indicate certain ships. they are usually colored Green( for your own fleet ) blue( for allied fleet ) and red( for enemy fleet ). it would make it look more realistic but naturally have the option to put it back ON in case you are dealing with enemy drones that are too small to see. also remove the Hull&Shield bars and put an option to display them only when the ship is Clicked. 


 * much better if you use the SHIP SCAN MODE to enable or disable the squares and HULL SHIELD bars. so that when you activate SHIP SCAN MODE the Squares and HULL/SHIELD bars appear on large ships and a click on a single object shows them all but by default they are hidden.


4.) can we remove the music played when you get into a highway ? "Shrinking the Galaxy" ? i like the station music better.. not this disco thing.


5.) now this may not be possible but, it would really be awesome if you can remove the animation inside Skunk where you walk the path from crew quarters to cockpit and actually be able to walk the path and even the area behind the pilot seats.. that would be awesome.


6.) make realistic cockpit controls... would be great of you can interact with the different controls in the cockpit aside from the HUD display.  like the trade display to your right where a screen pops up... add one to your left when you click it for say .... opening the Galaxy screen etc...

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