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Broken mods after cleaning with TES5Edit

tes5edit physics dirty edit clean mod broken

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After suffering from CTD's and instabilities for a while, I discovered that I needed to clean my dirty edits with TES5Edit. Now that I have cleaned the files that LOOT told me to clean

my CTD's happen much less frequently. After cleaning Dawnguard.esm, it still had 6 ITM records, which was strange. Unfortunately, a new problem has arisen from the ashes of my old one. Now, some of my mods have stopped working or behave/work differently than they did before. Also, strangely enough, my in-game physics have completely changed. Before, I would need to loot every item from a corpse before I could barely drag it around. Now, I can lift a fully armored body completely above my head and it will spin around comically (similar to the way those skinny, bubble helmeted aliens did in Fallout).


Here is my load order (updated):

The mod in question (that I have noticed so far) is Immersive Spells and Light (there used to be more, but as far as I can tell they just stopped not working). Immersive Spells and Light no longer has any in-game effect (i.e. no lighting emanating from weapon enchantments or spells), although the mod is successfully installed via NMM and the in-game MCM menu is fully functional. I can notice different lighting effects on my characters first person arms and weapon depending on what spell I have equipped in the other hand, but it no longer lights up the environment. I've tried creating a new save game and re-installing the mod. 
The physics change has me completely boggled. I have Realistic Ragdolls and Force, and i'm pretty sure SkyRe changes some physics as well, and prior to the cleaning they both seemed to be working. I don't remember what vanilla physics were like, but i'm inclined to believe that that is what I've got in effect right now.
I backed up all the esp's before I cleaned them, so I have the dirty and cleaned versions just in case. I can also always validate my game's files via steam to reacquire the dirty Bethesda files, so if I botched the actual cleaning of the files I can always just redo it. Any help or insight would be appreciated. 

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