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Summoned Creature Teleport

summoning teleport

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In many summoning and perk popular overhaul mods, summons have turned indefinite. This is great and all but while adventuring I constantly find myself losing my summons or leave a building to have to re-enter and find my summon again or end up having to wait in the cold because I've ridden ahead while they're ages away. I don't have the skills to find a way around this problem so could someone please develop a mod that would possibly teleport a summon, or raised dead onto your position after a set distance between them and you or even a power that would call your summons back to you. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Also, if this isn't too difficult to ask could compatibility patches be created for this and other overhauls? (SkyRe, PerMa, SPERG) If this mod becomes a reality that is.


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