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Being a Bandit

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Hey there. Just want to give an idea about a mod that could be done, a mod about being a Bandit Leader. You would clear a dungeon/camp/fort, took it over and hire staff to work for you, like: Warriors, Cook, Smith, Archers, Mages.

You could use a table like in Hearthfire to upgrade your Lair in order to be able to build a forge, library, kitchen, training ground, alchemy lab and more, and them hire the needed staff to work on these places and sell items. You could send you soldiers/bandits into quests on groups, like delving into a dungeon, attacking some caravans for money. You yourself could go into some misc quests with a group to attack some caravans like in the Civil War questline in order to get some Silver/Gold and some resources to make your treasure larger, raid villages, forcing someone to give you stuff for "protection", assassinating rival bandits. Sometimes you would be attacked by groups of Guards or Adventurers sent by the local Jarl to kill you and clear your Lair, so you would need to defend it from attacks from time to time, and watch your back on the roads for rival bandits, mercenaries and guards looking for you.


It would be awesome to see something like this, your NPCs would be generated by the mod with random lore-friendly names and if they die during a quest, you could hire another bandit to replace him. Maybe when the mod gets fully-developed you would be able to even build a lair anywhere, just like the ones on "Mount & Blade Warband: Vinking Conquest" where you can set a camp anywhere. This idea came from this DLC anyway.

Please put some sugestions here and I hope some talented modder would do this.

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