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Respect thy Thane

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I tried to find a topic this would fit into but couldn't get one close to the topic.


When you are titled Thane of _____ , there are certain perks. I have no idea what those are. To me, when a housecarl is assigned to you they should be more than a free-loader. They should be of valued service. As a Thane there should be an expected tolerance to petty crime. Your housecarl should also be given tolerance to enforce that respect on your behalf. To give some idea of what I mean I will list a few below.


     - All items, within the hold you are a Thane in, valued at less than 10 gold are not counted as stolen items. Items valued at up to 100 gold, and marked as stolen, if you are caught, will cause the witness to provide the option to return the item or pay them for it (if they are the owner). If you refuse, the guards are called. The guards offer the choice to return the item, buy the item (item kept and marked unstolen), pay the fine (Vanilla system applies_item removed, fine applied). Items valued at up to 10,000 gold, and marked as stolen, if you are caught, will cause the guards to be summoned (as normal). The guards will request you pay for the item or pay the fine. Any item valued over 10,000 gold will result in the vanilla dialogue. Murder will cause the guards to ask for your surrender (subject to Jail and fine). Refusal results in the usual fight. Intentional killing of a guard performing their duties, if witnessed, will result in you loosing your title as Thane. Your housecarl will be unassigned. (As an example: You tell the guard you would rather die than go to jail...fight ensues....you kill one of the gaurds....you are no longer Thane).


     - Things get knocked over all the time. In your house no one ever picks it up. You get the dialogue option to tell your housecarl, spouse, or steward to straighten up the house.


     - You get a bounty within a hold you are a Thane of. Your housecarl can take care of that for you. Your pantry needs restocked. Your housecarl will do that. You need supplies? Your housecarl will get them. (Housecarls for the vanilla homes have essentially nothing to patrol so why not act as a steward as well. I know one could argue that Jordis has three levels to patrol but it is still the house and not the grounds. Besides, she could always get an errand boy/girl to get them). Housecarls are resourceful.


     - You are walking through the hold. Your housecarl is with you when a guard or commoner makes a disrespectful comment. Your housecarl will not tolerate that and demands they show you respect. 


Anyway, just a few ideas to start with. It would be great if this mod could be done. 



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I tried to find a topic this would fit into but couldn't get one close to the topic.

you're supposed to start a new thread anyways, so good job on not necro'ing a thread.


anyways i hear there's quite a few mods that make being a thane actually mean something. though i have no idea which ones to use. so if anybody knows where they're at i'd be quite happy... oh and the OP as well

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