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Why is no one making my mod request? The reality.

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When you request a mod you have to realize this forum is more of a mod ideas forum.


Truth be told the chance of your mod being made is beyond extremely slim as most mod makers are busy with their own projects and ideas are a dime a dozen with every one thinking theirs is "teh bestest idea eveh!".


If you really want your idea come to life you are best to learn how to mod yourself.

Check out the nexus wiki and Google for many very helpful guides to get you started.


Things to keep in mind when starting to make mods for the first time.


  • Start small, do not jump into wanting to make a complete overhaul with no mod making experience.


  • Realize it can be time consuming but rewarding in the end.


  • You do not have to release every small mod and change you make, a lot of the time they have probably already been done.


  • Mod for yourself, not for fame and glory but because you want something and will hopefully enjoy it.



In regards to mod teams, if you are thinking about doing a large project and attempting to recruit others to help.


  • Do some work beforehand beyond just the idea/concept, people want to see you can actually contribute to a team you are trying to form.

          If you just come with an idea and no real preexisting work done the only people you will get wanting to help will just have ideas and no experience to.


  • Realize that it is very common for teams that do get off the ground to not go anywhere either, be it differences of opinions and direction to disliking other members.



Good luck and have fun modding is the main thing though!





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I might add some things here, you have better chances for your request to be accepted if it's something that most people agree that is really cool and is appealing to a lot of people.


I don't have a lot of experience with modding but a lot of requests I get are for some really weird mods that only a few people really need or like. Like some strange anime character, or really perverted mods with huge breasts which I hate.


Or in general for some niche stuff that really no one is interested in making.


You have to come up with something that the people which can make it actually like. You need to understand them and look at the stuff they make and if you have several ideas chose those that are similar to his tastes.


Or some of the requested things are really hard to make and unrealistic. Like I can make a simple armor set but I get requests to make several of them with some complicated stuff on them.


And don't be manipulative, be honest. Most people can spot manipulation and it turns them off.




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the reason I am starting to make mods for people is so they can experience something new an idea from another person a mod that was probably a joke or a test and then changed into something more.




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Does anyone have a spare file of Gweden Brothel?

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