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Better controls for blocking and dual wielding

control duel wield block sprint crouch hotkey bind

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I personally love dual wielding and so I was really enthused about the Dual Wield Parrying and Dual Wield Improved Animation mods.





The problem is choosing ideal key binding for playing with a controller. I have an idea to resolve that and tremendously improve combat by smoothly integrating blocking into duel wielding combat without mucking up the controls. Of course this will require a talented programmer to design and implement. If someone makes this mod, I for one will be immensely grateful.



As you know, the left shoulder button is used for sprinting, clicking the right analog stick crouches into stealth mode and clicking the left analog stick switches between 1st- and 3rd-person view. Here is a much better alternative:


1 - Set it so that clicking the left analog stick while pressing it forward sprints. Left-clicking and moving left, right or back should make you dodge in the respective direction.


2 - Clicking the right analog stick should make you crouch into stealth mode. ( No change. )


3 - Clicking both analog sticks simultaneously should switch between 1st- and 3rd-person view.


4 - Re-assign the left shoulder button for blocking while dual wielding.


I think this scheme makes perfect sense. The sprint command should logically be tied into the control for movement instead of having to rely on a separate button. This will make movement, dodging and sprinting more intuitive. And by freeing up the left-shoulder button for blocking, you can quickly move your finger to alternate between left-hand attacks and blocking while dual wielding. This will make combat much more intuitive and seamless.



If someone actually makes this, I will be more grateful than words can adequately express.

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