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Armor Request Angel Tekken Tag 2

angel armor helmet sword white golden wings

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Hello everyone!


Today a nice idea hit me: Angel in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has an Angel-only unlockable armor-outfit that's perfectly fit for Skyrim... at least, that's my opinion. I will upload screenshots to show which one I mean. 


The screenshots (that I could not upload here, but I could do that for a week here: http://we.tl/1vfkfgaZrg) show a beautiful armor, both in the default golden color and the 'recolored-by-me' white version. I like the white version the best, but that could be my opinion only. It also shows a sword and a helmet. Actually, the thing I would like in my Skyrim game the most, would be the white armor. 


Depending on if someone is interested to create this and how much time they have/are willing to spend on it, there are of course some variations things that can be in/excluded:


- The white armor without the helmet and without the sword (this is the most important one for me, so I would not mind to only see this option. Anything else would be extra epic)

- The white armor with helmet

- The white armor with helmet and sword

- A golden version of any of the above choices

- Both white and golden

- With or without wings (her wings are really big, which I love. But of course there are already Favored Souls's Angel Wings out there... if they're still around f course)


So yeah.. I hope there's a modder out there who loves my idea and can do meshing/texturing/etc, because I know basic things about modding, like, really basic things, but I can't make my own armors and weapons, sadly. I don't even have time to learn it either. Especially not for the upcoming month.


IF there's someone out there who can do this, wants to do this and will do this: you're awesome, amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Have an amazing day and thanks in advance for your reply,




PS: Since Angel's thighs are not covered, I wouldn't mind it at all if they would get covered up. It does not really suit the armor that here legs show, however I must say that the leg-part of the armor look amazing (the part that IS covered), with those tiny details. Cover it up, leave it uncovered, make different versions, whatever you like. However, if it would be covered up, it would immediately not be the same as in the game anymore and I guess an armor that got it's idea from the game? If that makes sense?

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