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Why is MERRILL bugged like hell ?

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Hello :smile:


I love very much Dragon Age 2.


But why is MERRILL bugged like hell ??

Is this deliberately done ?? :down:


When using any good talents for her (mage)


She's a vacuum cleaner of you're items (dead enemies)


I've noticed it first with: death syphon talent.

I've de-activated it. I was still using her own skill tree.


Still, in a few hours playing, I saw still items vanishing.

It must be something in her own skill tree.


It's =  ENSNARE or DALISH PARIAH :down: :down:

I've de-activated both, and never saw a problem anymore.

Ok, (mostly ???) no problems, but occasionally it definitly happens.

I've watched myself items vanishing.


All these points where wasted in my eyes.


I use her now: Elemental (for dragon) Primal and Hexes/horror


She's still great now. Sadly she's so bugged.

I don't know if blood-magic for Hawke is also ITEM bugged ??


But Death Syphon definitly is.

And I'm 80% sure, there's a problem with Merrill specialisation also.


If you use her tree, move her 8 meters away from enemies.

Then she can't be a vacuum cleaner.


So sadly, because I love her skills.



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This is my biggest problem.




NO replies ???????



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(1) Your actual question isn't at all clear.


(2) Even if people understand your question, If no one knows the answer... no one knows the answer.


(3) Bumping is not allowed on the Nexus.  (See the ToS, link in the top-right of every page.)

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