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Upcoming total conversion mod - apply now!

recruiting total conversion skyrim

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Upcoming project for Skyrim, a total conversion mod that is actually a re-imagining of The Elder Scrolls.  We currently have an experienced programmer and lore writer.  We are looking for people of all sorts to do anything small to everything big, whatever suits you best.


Here is how I would like the mod to go.  We are looking at making the world an island.  We are looking at 128x109 in size, but that is not concrete yet.  Roughly the same size of Skyrim, just a tiny big bigger.  Initially we wanted to make it much larger, but there are too many issues with such a size on this engine.


Everything is going to be re-imagined, but kept very similar.  It will be largely a monotheistic world, instead of polytheistic.  The daedra will be nowhere near as powerful as they are, and that goes for other things like vampires and werewolves, as well.  Dragons will be few and far between, and the world will be largely safer to travel in, with some exceptions in certain areas.  There will be NO MAIN QUEST.  Instead each faction will get a few large quests with multiple endings that will have actual consequences in-game.


The game will have different opportunites one can take, and we are going to try a Fallout 3-like take on the beginning, where after you pick either a random set of narratives or some from a list, you will enter a short child-stage that will further decide on how your final character will function in the world.  So whether you end up a blacksmith who goes There Will Be Blood on the world, a soldier who rises through the ranks in a terrible war, an up-and-coming mage who grows to become headmaster of his or her college, a brigand notorious for being unsuspected and undetected, or anything in-between, is up to you, and/or chance!


We are also looking at combining a lot of mod concepts people have made over time, and are in the process of contacting several different authors to get their permission to use them in our mod.  So you may be hearing from us!


So here's who we would like to see join our currently small team;


  • an assistant to our lead programmer, mostly with scripting
  • a cartographer/map artist (landscape, maps, interior and exterior cells)
  • an assistant to our lead writer to help put books, weapons, etc... into the game
  • sound artist
  • voice actors!
  • anyone well versed in Norse, Persian, Japanese, Arab, Mongol, Greco-Roman, ancient Briton, and/or Sub-Saharran cultures
  • anyone well versed in TES lore
  • and hopefully graphics artists


If you're interested, let us know!  Thanks.


More info to come later.

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