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The last straw with LW

lw long war

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Long War 3 Beta 15b-88-3-0b15b



I did a fresh install (steam) of XCOM, ran file verify, ran the LW installer.  Started XCOM EW.  Started a new Long War game.


At first everything worked normally.  Then The first bug:  Sent a squad to secure a shot down UFO on the "farm" map.  After about 3 turns I moved a soldier to the down hill area of the map and the game went CTD. Restarted the game, launched the recovery mission from the previous headquarters save - same thing.  So I ignored that one and played some more; other maps working fine.  Then I got an Exalt extraction mission on the map that has a warehouse with a boat on either side.  Crash on landing, couldn't even play one turn couldn't extract my operative.


played some more


Tried the Exalt headquarters attack.  Landed on the roof.  Played 3 turns, moved a soldier toward the windows, CRASH!  Just like the farm map and the warehouse map; so it's imposible to finish Exalt.


Then the last straw:  aliens attack my base.  I equip all my soldiers, and what do I get for starting squad?  all PFCs with assault rifels, I didn't even have a PFC in my barriks. 


I give up



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