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Children mod merge thing

children npc playable character clothing armor

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Aight so, I was browsing through all kinds of mods, some on the workshop some here, and I found two that seem like they'd work hoof in hoof. The workshop applied this chillin can be playable characters mod that adds various chillin to the list of races, but then I also found on these boards a mod that makes it so that visually children are able to wear children versions of armor and clothing. Problem being, when you add that mod it removes the capacity of the other mod to make children killable as is necessary when you want to add a race. that way it will allow you to create your own child character and use it but with the adult SFX, and when you die it treats you like an immortal and tries to pull you out of combat similar to when you die in apocrypha. I was just wondering if somepony with a little more modding experience and understanding could look at the file context of the two mods and figure out where they're conflicting and remove whatever subroutine in the armor-wearing mod is causing the issue. if I'm talking crazy feel free to point and shout "UNCLEAN" I won't take offense. 

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