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Name: Lute
Gender: Female
Race: Lattamer
Homes: All.
Favourite Land: Cyrodiil.
Best Friend: Yori
Worst Enemy: Hieronymus Lex
Combat Preference: Blade
Combat Style: Magic and blade
Greatest Fear: Dark Brotherhood
Greatest Want: To start an International trade company
Physique: Slender and fit
Level: 15
Joined Guilds/Factions: All except Dark Brotherhood
Enemy Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood
Childhood: Grew up in Anvil under a middle class merchanting family.
Teenage: Nothing notable
Prefered Food: Pies and sweeeetrolls.
Disliked Food: Anything bitter.
Favourite Arrow Type: N/A
Favourite Blade Type: Rapier
Spells: A vast majority...
Friendly Races: All except daedra
Neutral Races: N/A
Hostile Races: Daedra
Favourite City/Town: Anvil
Least Favourite City/Town: Water's Edge
Favourite Daedra: N/A
Least Favourite Daedra: N/A
Favourite Divine: Talos
Least Favourite Divine: N/A
Main Weakness: Arrows.
Main Strength: Politics.
Goal in Life: Start a company
Why he was sent to jail: Political corruption
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I made yet another character, so here's his info.

Name: Nathan
Gender: Male
Race: Mystic Elf
Starsign: The Warrior
Class: The Nerevarine (below you'll see why)
Homes: Waterfront, Skingrad, Anvil, Leyawiin, Bravil, Cheyhindal, Chorrol
Favourite Land: Vvardenfell
Best Friend: None
Worst Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon.
Combat Preference: 1-handed swords with a shield or 2-handed swords
Combat Style: To rush the enemy before they know whats going on.
Greatest Fear: None
Greatest Want: Unknown.
Physique: Muscular
Level: 50
Joined Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood, Mages' Guild, Fighters' Guild, Thieves' Guild, Arena, and the Blades. Before he left Vvardenfell, he was also in the Imperial Legion and the House Telvanni.
Joined Guilds/Faction Ranks: Listener, Arch Mage, Master, Gray Fox, Grand Champion, and Knight Brother. In Vvardenfell, Knight of the Imperial Dragon and Archmagister.
Enemy Guilds/Factions: A lot.
Date of Birth: 22nd of Last Seed, 3E402.
Childhood: Spent in Skyrim, but at the age of 9, both of his parents died and he had to move on before the villagers burned his house down with him inside. He gathered up his belongings (which was not much; 28 septims, his spare clothes, and his father's longsword). In 3E413, at age 11, he stowed away on a ship leading Morrowind, but was caught and brought to the Imperial Prison, where he was thrown in a cell for two years. He received slightly more food than the other prisoners. In 3E415, at age 13, he was released. He tried to join the Fighters' Guild soon after, but they claimed he couldn't defend himself against the world around him. So, he went into the wilderness, and found a huge bear. Although he approached slowly, the bear still heard him. It charged when it saw him, but Nathan was too fast for it, and jumped on top of its back. Taking his father's longsword out of its torn leather sheath, he stabbed the bear in the neck as hard as he could. He stabbed it harder than he meant to, however, and the head came cleanly off. Taking it as his trophy, he borught it back to the Fighters' Guild. This time they let him join. Right above his bead, he hung the bear's head as a trophy. Three years later, in 3E418, he had risen up to the rank of Guardian in the Fighters' Guild. But, one year later, he retired from the Fighters' Guild to pursue other goals. He joined the Mages' Guild. Since he was known to be capable, they let him join. In four years, he had become a Master Wizard. But, he retired in 3E425. He went back to Skyrim, to visit his old house. Unsurprisingly, it was burnt down, and tombstones were were it was. What surprised him was that his own tombstone was there. Reading the tombstone, he dusted it off and the ground around him shook; the tombstone slid back and revealed a daedric katana and a note. In his father's handwriting. It read:

"Dear son,

By the time you read this, I'll be dead. How do I know? Because I'd tell you all this myself if I was alive. But that doesn't matter. I've asked the townspeople that, if we, your mom and I, were to die, to mark a tombstone next to ours with your name on it, and put below it this katana and note. On the subject of the katana, it was mine, and before me, my father's. And before him, his father's. I'm unsure as to whether or not his father's father had owned it as well, but I know that it's been in the family for a long time. I'd have given it to you myself, when you turned sixteen, but, I wrote this just in case. Use it well.

With love,
Your father, John."

Picking up the katana, he saw that, on his touch, flames licked around the blade, and he instinctively dropped it, but saw that it now had a sheathe. Picking it back up, he looked at it. When he went to grab his father's steel sword, it was gone. As if it had turned into the katana. So, he took the katana, and went back to Cyrodiil. In 3E426, he was arrested for loitering inside the Imperial Palace, and left forgotten in his cell. But in 3E428, he was released and sent to Vvardenfell, Morrowind. He was given back his daedric katana, and let loose on the island.
Teenage: In 3E429, he destroyed the Heart of Lorkhan and killed Dagoth Ur. Soon after, he left for Cyrodiil. Upon reaching the border, he was enveloped in a red, glowing light, and was brought to Oblivion. There, a strange voice asked him if he wanted to look more normal. He uncertainly said "Yes." and the same red light went over him again, and he was back to where he was. The only difference was, he no longer had blue skin, and his tattoos had changed. Two years had also mysteriously passed. He continued towards Cyrodiil. Upon arriving in the Imperial City Market District, he was attempted to be arrested, but he put up a fight, and took out around ten guards. One came up behind him with a club from Slash'n'Smash, and knocked him out. He was then dragged to the Prison, and thrown in a cell. Left to rot, he was there for two years...
Current Age: 30
Prefered Food: Mutton.
Disliked Food: Crab meat and Rat meat.
Favourite Arrow Type: Doesn't use bows.
Favourite Blade Type: Daedric.
Spells: It takes half a minute to load up my spell inventory.
Friendly Races: Imperial, Dark Elves, Nords
Neutral Races: Orcs, Argonians, Khajiiti
Hostile Races: High Elves, Wood Elves, Daedra
Favourite City/Town: Cyrodiil: Imperial City. Vvardenfell: Vivec.
Least Favourite City/Town: None.
Favourite Daedra: Dead daedra.
Least Favourite Daedra: Alive daedra.
Favourite Divine: Akatosh
Least Favourite Divine: N/A
Main Weakness: Unknown.
Main Strength: His skill with magic and the blade.
Goal in Life: Unknown.
Why he was sent to jail: Charged for mass murder of the second degree after he resisted his uncalled for arrest.

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Name: Darius Galin
Gender: Male
Race: Nord ( custom)
Starsign: The Warrior
Class: Warrior
Homes: Bravil
Favourite Land: Valenwood
Best Friend: Revy Risray
Worst Enemy: Anyone who threatens Revy's safety
Combat Preference: Close range with a 2-handed sword or axe
Combat Style: Usually stays on the defensive, blocking most strikes until his enemy makes an error, carries two daggers that are mean't to be used as a last resort, knows a bit of destruction magic but refuses to use it.
Greatest Fear: To see Revy die in front of his eyes without being able to do anything.
Greatest Want: A peacefull live.
Physique: Muscular
Level: 51
Joined Guilds/Factions:Fighters' Guild, Blades, there are reports of Darius serving in the Imperial Legion.
Enemy Guilds/Factions: None, in fact he couldn't care less about the other guild affairs with exception of the now gone Blackwood Company.
Childhood: Unknown
Teenage: With the exception that he joined the Imperial Legion at the age of 19 and that he served the Legion for 3 years, nothing else is known
Current Age: 43
Prefered Food: Fruits
Disliked Food: None
Favourite Arrow Type: None.
Favourite Blade Type: 2-Handed elven blade he found in an ancient ruin while he was travelling trough Valenwood
Spells: knows a huge amount of destruction spells, tough he doesn't use them.
Friendly Races: Imperial, Bretons, Nords
Neutral Races: Most races
Hostile Races: Daedra
Favourite City/Town: Bruma
Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial City
Favourite Daedra: None
Least Favourite Daedra: None
Favourite Divine: None
Least Favourite Divine: None
Main Weakness: Revy, his caring for her most of the time is his main strength, but sometimes it turns out to be his main weakness
Main Strength: Revy, his caring for her most of the time is his main strength, but sometimes it turns out to be his main weakness
Goal in Life: To live a peacefull quiet life...
Why he was sent to jail: Was enjailed along with Revy for helping her protect an innocent oldman from false accusation of theft.. He was enjailed in a diferent cell on the other side of the prison...was released after 7 weeks

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Name:Animi Valentes
Gender: Male
Race: Wood elf
Starsign: The Theif
Class: Woodsman
Homes: Waterfront
Favourite Land: West Weald
Best Friend: ...
Worst Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon
Combat Preference: Long Range
Combat Style: Stays back with a bow and let's arrows fly
Greatest Fear: ....
Greatest Want: The Sorcerers Stone
Physique: Built but nimble
Level: 22
Joined Guilds/Factions: Theives Guild, Order of the Virtuous Blood
Enemy Guilds/Factions: Imperial Legion
Childhood: Dropped on his head
Teenage: ....
Prefered Food: .....
Disliked Food: ....
Favourite Arrow Type: Enchanted Arrows
Favourite Blade Type: Daggers
Spells: Mostly Alteration spells, a lot of them
Friendly Races: All of them 'cept Daedra
Neutral Races: ...
Hostile Races: Daedra
Favourite City/Town: Chorrol
Least Favourite City/Town: Leyawinn
Favourite Daedra: Dunno
Least Favourite Daedra: dunno
Favourite Divine: None of them
Least Favourite Divine: None of them
Main Weakness: Heavy Weapons
Main Strength: Archery
Goal in Life: To beat the game
Why he was sent to jail: Ran a red lamp

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Could a mod please delete this? I accidentally double posted. internet hick-up I guess. Sorry.

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Name: Pym (who needs a last name?)
Gender: Female
Race: Moonshadow Elf custom
Starsign: The Lady (I have no idea what the English name is xD)
Class: Battle mage, emphasis on "battle", not on "mage"
Homes: Frostcrag Reborn
Favourite Land: none
Best Friend: Ljus (although Pym think's she's too nice for her own good and TALKS TOO MUCH), Alba
Worst Enemy: HARPER. Because she is tall and annoying.
Combat Preference: close range dual weild sword fighting
Combat Style: See above, with destruction magic thrown in.
Greatest Fear: Like she would tell you.
Greatest Want: Getting the job done. She's a mercenary, she kills things. It's what she does. Aside from that she wants peace and GOD DAMN quiet.
Physique: Not very tall, wiry. Okay, so she's a half pint. (0.9000)
Level: 52
Joined Guilds/Factions:Fighters and mages guild, White Stallion, Blades
Enemy Guilds/Factions: She doesn't care.
Teenage: I am afraid to ask
Current Age: ?
Prefered Food: cake
Disliked Food: None
Favourite Arrow Type: Mundus arrow (Romuska Fantasy Store)
Favourite Blade Type: Dual weild katana
Spells: destruction mostly
Friendly Races: NONE. Her reactions tab is messed up so she constantly wears a DO NOT WANT face.
Neutral Races:NONE.
Hostile Races: all of them.
Favourite City/Town: Chorrol
Least Favourite none
Favourite Daedra: None
Least Favourite Daedra: None
Favourite Divine: None
Least Favourite Divine: None
Main Weakness: being kind of a control freak. In spite of the fact that she has like, the shortest fuse ever and NO patience what so ever, she wants to make sure that her friends are alright and because of that tends to get distracted in fights. Also, the short fuse thing. It's not too hard to piss her off.
Main Strength: With her, there is no giving up. Once she puts an idea in her head, she pursues it no matter what.
Why he was sent to jail: She went Old Testament on one of the Palace Guards in the council hall for shushing her - because really. SO not necessary.

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Name:Eric Varius Owlking
Race:Golden Seducer
Homes:Shivering Isles:Bliss,Golden Lights Palace (Custom Place),Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Favourite Land:Cyrodill
Best Friend:Viola Hawking ( Mate ),Zerxes Hawking,Belle Sunna , Arianna Celton (Adoptive Sister )
Worst Enemy:Snob Rich People
Combat Preference:Mostly Meelee,Casually Range.Least Magic
Combat Style:Heavy and Strength Blade that could crush a boulder
Greatest Fear:Lose Family and Friends
Greatest Want:Marry Viola and Live happy live with his family and friend
Joined Guilds/Factions:Dark Brotherhood,Blades,Fighters Guild,Mages Guild
Enemy Guilds/Factions:Undeads,Blackwood Company,Mythic Dawn
Childhood:She was abandoned when a baby with her brother Zerxes and was sold to auction for Sex Slave with both her brother and Belle Sunna and Arianna Celton
Teenage:Escaped with Viola,Belle,Zerxes and Arianna,Parted ways from Viola,Zerxes and Belle and Paired with Arianna,Learned Art of Combat and Traveled all of Tamriel to Train himself more
Prefered Food:Meat (Venison Preferred )
Disliked Food:Rat Meat and Vegetables
Favourite Arrow Type:Silver,Ayleid and Addonay's
Favourite Blade Type:Addonay's Claymore (later given to Arianna ),Nine Tongue Blade
Spells:Healing and Destruction
Friendly Races:None
Neutral Races:All except Dremora
Hostile Races:Dremora
Favourite City/Town:Cheydinhal,Skingrad and Anvil
Least Favourite City/Town:Leyawiin
Favourite Daedra:Seducer and Daedric Prince Nocturnal,Azura,Namira,Meridia,Hermaeus Mora and Sheogarath
Least Favourite Daedra:Scamps and Hungers and Daedric Prince Malacath and Molag Bal
Favourite Divine:None ( Neutral with the Divines )
Least Favourite Divine:None( Neutral with the Divines )
Main Weakness:Family and Friends get hurt
Main Strength:Family and Friends Support and his Large Courage and Strength
Goal in Life:Marry Viola and Live happy live with his family and friend
Why he was sent to jail:Framed killing someone by guard who was jealous of him

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Name: Alinth-Rath Zaadurhandt
Gender: Male
Race: Demi-Dremora(Half-Human, half-Dremora)
Starsign: The Lady
Class: Guts(Taught by his uncle)
Homes: Kvatch(Later Bravil)
Favourite Land: Cyrodiil
Best Friend: Fenner Thrrdust, Martin Septim
Rival: White-Hat
Worst Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon
Combat Preference: Dual-blade combat
Combat Style: Finesse and tactical
Greatest Fear: Losing her mother/Fenner
Greatest Want: To know his father
Physique: Thin(Later slightly-buffed)
Level: 35
Joined Guilds/Factions: Fighter's Guild/Blades
Enemy Guilds/Factions: None

"Long before you were born, there was a charming monster...
He came with songs while no one bothers...
When sun falls, steps of the visitor...
Kills the stones and wonder...
The monster step up as a fighter...
Riddled the mortals to stand tougher..."

Her mother gave birth to Alinth in the year 3E 414 in Kvatch. No one told anything about his father(It was his father's own wish to kept it secret). He was bullied(thanks to his weird glowing eye and pale skin) by other kids but beloved by the elders. Fenner, a young rough-girl was his aegis. While, a teenage priest, Martin took care of him since her mother always sick.


When he was 16, he followed his uncle to Morrowind. From there, Alinth learned a lot about merchantile. They travelled all cities in Morrowind selling goods but they never get rich. 3 years later, Alinth wanted to go back to Cyrodiil to find his father.

Prefered Food: Fried Fish
Disliked Food: Porridge
Favourite Arrow Type: None
Favourite Blade Type: Magical
Spells: Illusion and Destruction
Friendly Races: All except for Dremora
Neutral Races: None
Hostile Races: Dremora
Favourite City/Town: Caldera
Least Favourite City/Town: Bruma
Favourite Daedra: None
Least Favourite Daedra: None
Favourite Divine: Akatosh
Least Favourite Divine: He loves all of them.
Main Weakness: Daedric Rage, the only person who wields this power is Alinth himself. The rage is too powerful until some of Daedric Princes are jealous especially Mehrunes Dagon. Unfortunately, the rage will savage his wisdom and emotion.
Main Strength: Daedric Rage, grants unbelievable strength, agility, unlimited mana and able to wield black flames.
Goal in Life: To live happily with Fenner.
Why he was sent to jail: Wrongly accused of stealing.

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Name: Celia Hassildor
Gender: Female
Race: Arcane Swordmaiden (unreleased)
Starsign: Apprentice
Class: Spellblade (custom class)
Homes: Benirus Manor, later castle Kvatch
Favourite Land: Cyrodiil
Best Friend: other vampires
Worst Enemy: bandits, guards and daedra
Combat Preference: one-handed blades + magic
Combat Style: direct
Greatest Fear: Her adopted father won't accept her.
Greatest Want: Acceptance of her adopted father, Count Hassildor.
Physique: Slim
Level: varies as this character gets replayed frequently
Joined Guilds/Factions: Thieves' Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Mage's Guild, Fighter's Guild, Blades
Enemy Guilds/Factions: bandits, guards, mythic dawn
Childhood: Celia knows little of her parents, except that they were massacred by bandits somewhere near Skingrad in the middle of the night and Janus Hassildor, while out roaming in the night, stopped them before they could kill her too. He dispatched them and took 2-year-old Celia home with him to raise as his own daughter.
Teenage: Eventually she learned that her father was a vampire, and because she greatly admired him she wanted to be a vampire as well and begged him to give her the gift. He refused because he wanted her to simply live her life, but being the teenager she was she began to resent him. She resented him all the more when she discovered later that he had given a "cure" to her adopted mother, Rona, who had been in a coma since before Celia's birth. The cure killed Rona of course, and this drove the final wedge between father and daughter. Celia left home shortly after and began committing criminal acts, joining first the Thieves' Guild and then the Dark Brotherhood. While in the Thieves' Guild she confronted the Pale Lady while rescuing Amusei, and was infected with vampirism.
Prefered Food: Blood
Disliked Food: Anything that isn't blood.
Favourite Arrow Type: None, doesn't use arrows.
Favourite Blade Type: One handed, preferably enchanted
Spells: Favorite spells are electricity types.
Friendly Races: none
Neutral Races: most
Hostile Races: daedra
Favourite City/Town: Anvil
Least Favourite City/Town: Skingrad
Favourite Daedra: The Night Mother
Least Favourite Daedra: none
Favourite Divine: Akatosh
Least Favourite Divine: none
Main Weakness: sunlight, daddy issues
Main Strength: Ability to wear any armor, skilled in blade wielding and magic and of course vampiric powers.
Goal in Life: Reconciliation with her father.
Why she was sent to jail: Unlike some other characters represented here, Celia thoroughly deserved to be in jail. She accrued a huge bounty for her criminal activities with the Dark Brotherhood, and because she had become a killer, the Thieves' Guild refused to bail her out. It was only after witnessing the Emperor's murder, and with it the destruction and devastation that the daedra brought with them, that she decided to clean up her act. After getting out of prison she put her life of crime behind her and joined the other guilds, furthered her skills and decided to fight the invasion.

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Name: Darryl Alexandria Scarlet
Gender: Female
Race: Lineage elf
Starsign: The Thief
Class: Mercenary (Custom)
Home: Closest inn when night fall's
Favorite Land: Anywhere theres conflict and money.
Friend (Best): Bellenia Silverheart.
Enemies: Ranger's, General good people and Expecially those who don't pay on time.
Combat style: Anything to do with blades and bows. Maces leave one hell of a mess.
Fear's: Not being payed.
Want's: Endless exploitable strife.
Level 36
Guild's: None.
Childhood and Teen years: Lived close to the sea with some Noblity, they died during a raid by an unknown party and she wandered off with an old blade of Damascus Steel. Long story short: Joined a mercenary company and betrayed them all.
Food (Prefered): Anything soaked in liquor.
Food (Not Prefered): Anything past it's expire date.
Favored Weapon: Royal Sorrow, The Bane of the Damned.
Spell's: None.
Friendly Races: Whoever the current employer is.
Netural Races: None.
Hostile Races: Whoever the employer does not like.
Favorite Town: Bravil (It's a slum)
Weaknesses: Flashback's of a better time, Friendship.
Strength's: "I've killed a hundred men in a single battle....."; Fearless, Heartless, Outright Cruel.
Goal in life: "What thou deal to me I shall deal back thricefold"
Why did they get put away: Slaughtered fourty five Legionaries singlehandedly.
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