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A Forgotten Realms Adventure

forgotten realms d&d

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Waterdeep, The City of Splendor. A hub of activity along the Sword Coast. Within it’s walls countless men and women from all manner of different races go about their business, crowding the streets with their bodies, and the air with their voices, even in the night hours the grand city buzzes with activity, never quiet for too long.
Divided into seven sections, the city is a breeding ground for activities from the most honest occupations, to the most dark and illegal of actions. And there smack in the middle, are the Adventurers, men and women from all walks of life, suited for battle and travel, and carrying a great purpose inside each of them. Whether it be for fame and fortune, honor and duty, wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge, these are some of the Realm’s finest of people, and this is the story, of some… well, competent people. 
May Tymora bless their poor souls.
The Inn of the Dripping Dagger sat on the lower eastern side of the High Road, one of the busiest roads in the entire city. Built to withstand a siege and with the battle scars to prove it, the Inn is known around the city as one of the best in the city, with great service and friendly patrons all too ready to throw out any trouble makers.
Filled with laughter and good cheer, it is a warm and inviting place despite the battle scars, with many seats for foot weary patrons, tables for cards and dice and any other sort of games one might wish to play. A private room is set for parties and patrons that desire privacy, and on the door of said room is currently stabled a note and several forms that read as thus.
“To all of whom might take interest, a vile plot made by the Zhentarim has been uncovered that threatens the stability of the Sword Coast and beyond. Should you wish to take part in the effort to thwart this insidious plan, please fill out a registry form below this notice and slide it beneath the door when you are finished, we shall then review and ask for a short interview should we find you a suitable addition to our party.”
Signed, Sir Kylan Redshield.
Below the finely penned sign are stapled the forms. On top of each is a notice written in a different hand.
*This form carries an enchantment that prevents false information from being written down, so do be kind and try not to deceive us, we’re not particularly fond of that and are very good at sniffing out liars*
Please sign your full name here:
The following is for medical and identification reference.
Please describe your physical appearance:
Years of adventuring experience: 
Professional training:
Current adventuring equipment:
Please describe your personality (Flaws included please) :
For insurance and inheritance purposes should you meet a gruesome end, please compile a list of closest relatives so that we might deliver your remains and/or earnings:
Other information or questions which you wish to leave here:
By filling out this application you agree to the following.
1 You will not harm another of this party save for valid reasons
2 You will not kill another member of this party save for valid reasons
3 You will not act in any way hostile to other members of this party, any arguments or disagreements will be dealt with quickly.
4 Keep the ego in check, or we’ll show you how mortal you truly are.
5 Don’t cut and run, if you’re in this, don’t take off at the first sight of a coin in your pouch, we got a job to do after all.
6 We call the shots, but we like the voting process so don’t be afraid to voice your concerns or ideas.
7 We could all die at any moment, so lets try keep the smiles on a bit , nobody likes a dark cloud hanging over everyone.
Those that take the form will notice on the bottom a small note, it reads as thus.
“Those that fill out this application, please inform the barkeep. You’re next meal and drink have been payed for by the party of Redshield.”

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