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A Forgotten Realms Adventure OOC

forgotten realms d&d

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This here is the discussion thread for A Forgotten Realms Adventure. This is where you post the sheets, argue with the GM, yell at him for being stupid and messing things up, gripe and complain cause there's no mountain dew in the fridge, the usual stuff.


As you can probably tell, this is set in the Forgotten Realms. The year is 1382, edition issss whatever, just cause the class you want is in 4th doesn't mean they can't show up here, races on the other hand, those are pre-spellplague only.


Will also note that Eilistraee is still alive and kicking, and the good drows are still all drow.


Now you're probably wondering why I would make another FR based RP, when there's a perfectly good one here already. (Which you should definitely check out, it's pretty well done)

The reasoning is rather simple really, variety. While Tales of Faerun is a lot of fun, it's focus is based mostly on a main quest, and deviations and side stories are quite rare. Where "A Forgotten Realms Adventure " will differ, is that while there certainly will be an over-arching story-line, it's not going to take up the majority of the focus, this will give the party ample opportunity to explore, pursue quest and interest, and meet a wider variety of colorful people.


Another difference will be that while Tales of Faerun is expansive and takes place all across the continent, dealing with an equally large threat and questline, A Forgotten Realms Adventure will be more low key, taking place in a few major locations found across the Sword Coast, giving the party a chance to pursue relationships of all types with the local inhabitants, thus allowing for more opportunities for stories and the like.


So if you're wanting to take part in a long, epic, and heroic journey, then apply here http://forums.nexusm...ales-of-faerun/


But if you're interested in the trials and tribulations that come with a newly formed Adventuring party trying to make a name for themselves, then this is the place for you.


So yeah, this isn't a rip off of or an attempt to outdo TOF, just a try at making something with a different feel is all.


Anyways, here's a copy of the character sheet for ya. The RP itself can be found here http://forums.nexusm...alms-adventure/ Hope everyone has fun.


Please sign your full name here:
The following is for medical and identification reference.
Please describe your physical appearance:
Years of adventuring experience: 
Professional training:
Current adventuring equipment:
Please describe your personality (Flaws included please) :
For insurance and inheritance purposes should you meet a gruesome end, please compile a list of closest relatives so that we might deliver your remains and/or earnings:
Other information or questions which you wish to leave here:

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Please sign your full name here: Creeg, The Explosive Mage!
Race: Fire Genasi
Age: 29
Please describe your physical appearance: Tall, dark and handome! Well...not really. I'm of average height and handsomeness. Mommy always said I was pretty and special! I also have short dark hair and pale reddish skin.
Years of adventuring experience: For the most part worked as a hired hand or a demolisher. Been in many travels, mostly around the deserts. Bombed the ever lovin' hells out of more bandit camps than I have fingers...in my private collection.
Professional training: None! However, I've been hitting the alchemy books since I was a wee lad. I've been compared to a masterful alchemist before, though. My mom also taught me a lot over a span of many years. Apart from that, I can swing a mace. Most folks don't make it that far, though...
Current adventuring equipment: My undergarments, I hope. Light full body steel armor (including mask) with special padding on the inside, to cushion the force from explosions; and a dark brown robe and traveling alchemy equipment. As for weapons I have a shiny steel mace, a surplus of home made alchemical bombs and a (hopefully) unique spell that lets me detonate MYSELF like a bomb. It's my specialty. Oddly enough, despite my nickname, it's the only spell I have.
Please describe your personality (Flaws included please) : Crazy, wacky, goofy, mad, etc. It has it's ups and downs, depending on what kind of person you are. Some find it entertaining and funny, and thus it keeps morale up. However, more often than not, it tends to get on people's nerves. I mean well! I swear! Despite my destructive tendencies I CAN tone it down, if the situation requires it. Also, I'm not evil. Honest!
List of relatives: Me dear ol' mum, Ana. My dad gets squat. They live in Memnon.



    We don't need no stinking titles

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Approved out of character, and will be approved in character due to their desperation XD, we get a couple more involved and you'll see what I mean lol.

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