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    Never tell me the odds!

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I've been to whatever the one is in Florida 3 times in my life. It's alright, but I'm not really big on hanging around little kids (ahem) so it doesn't interest me too much.

LOL... and people look at me oddly for saying "Disney would be the absolute perfect place to live if not for all the damn kids."

The one in Florida is Disney World - and it's about five times the size of the one in Cali. If you didn't like Florida you probably wouldn't have liked Cali. Ah well... one less person in the line for Space Mountain! Honest truth is that Disney's not really THAT great if you're judging it on the basis of the theme park rides and whatever else you expect to do there. I know a lot of people who prefer the million and one Six Flags Great Adventure parks that are all over the place, mostly because the biggest area Disney lacks in is thrill rides. People who are true Disney nuts (that would be me) love it because we were entranced by the magic the first time and now the whole place is covered in pixie dust, for us. We'll go to the same parks and ride the same rides, see the same shows, dozens and dozens of times and never get tired of it. I have been known to spend full days at the Magic Kingdom and never actually get in line for a single attraction, and consider it time well spent. Just walking through the gates makes me happy. I stopped questioning it years ago.




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I hope you saw some of the big redwoods while you were in California! There are some redwoods that just look like normal trees, but there are some that are freaking HUGE. I don't think they have truly enormous redwoods anywhere else, so it's one must-see while you're in California.

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