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A few mods i would like

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 first i would aprreciate if someone added a mod where if u sneak up behind someone in unarmed mode and hit them they get instantly knocked down (not kill them just knock them down so u can cripple their head!) (i would make this as it is not too dificult but i haz no coding experience),second would be a hidden blade item (from AC of course) that kills an enemy from behind instantly but takes a lot of points in ur sneak skill and third (most importantly) would be a mod that removes mutants or replaces them with fiends or something like that because those insects creep me the hell out (ive already tried creatures to npcs but it only removes 70% of them so for example where there would normaly be 3 ants there would be 2 fiends and 1 ant,wich i dont like)...



so if u have made any of these mods or are making them notify me on this thread and when u finish them post a link here!

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