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I give up

installing mods instrallers oblivion

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I have spent hours with both the Nexus mod manager and the other one for this game and they simply do not install the mods properly. I am not tech guy so don't ask me to fiddle around with with anything in the game because I will just screw it up. This is the only game that gives me trouble, are there any mods or installers that actually work? I have the game of the year edition on steam if that matters. 




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INstalling the mods manually is easy and learning how to do it this way will be worth the effort in the long run as it makes fixing problems easier when you understand how they are being installed --


most mods are simply several files placed into folders and all you have to do is extract the files from the zip package to a temp folder and then copy\paste them into your Oblivion install folder


most mods will have an .esp file and perhaps a .bsa file (the .bsa file contains the meshes and textures in a compressed format if included) - those 2 files get placed into the Oblivion\data folder.  If there is not a .bsa file then they will instead have a meshes and textures folder (if they replace any game content or have new items - if it only adjusts placement of existing content then there will not be a meshes or textures folder and probably no bsa file) SImply copy\paste both the meshes and textures folder into Oblivion\data folder and merge it with the existing folders (so say yes when windows asks if you want to combine the new folder with the existing one)


THen launch the game - go to options and check the box next to the mod name (.esp file) to activate the mod.


Very simple process that you will need to learn for those mods that are not packaged exactly like the mod managers expect any way when trouble shooting installs so might as well learn to do it manually rather than rely on others to do it for you.



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Oblivion is an old game and nearly all of the mods were made long before NMM existed. I have always used OBMM as my mod manager of choice for Oblivion, but it does require a bit more tech knowledge than NMM. Not so much that you can't learn though. Before OBMM, the only way to install and manage mods was manually, which does require more knowledge of how things work. I do use LOOT instead of BOSS for sorting the Oblivion mods though and it has worked fine.

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