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Day Dreams of a Spaced out Old Man

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If things keep going the way they are

I'll be better off moving into my car

Although still on the land with a house

I own

It might be warmer safely heated

Where my house's furnace

is nearly depleted

Running like it can't get gas

making me feel

it's unsafe to guess

if the next time it fires up

the house will explode

Then my time will be up

If all else fails

and I do move out

I'll be needing some clout

and probably better get

one of these

in case the houses water pipes freeze

While I gave it much thought

in my car driving

The idea came to me

I'd only just be ignoring

the foundation of wellbeing

so if all else fails

a new house

I'll be exploring.


A place with an

indoor outhouse

that isn't in the

same room



combo bathtub and shower.


I'm definitely not going

to stop

and clean restrooms


Like Jeff Foxworthy suggests Rednecks do.


Only open the spoiler if you are really in need of some redneck humor.




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I want to learn to write so that my words make your mind orchestrate.




I really want your thoughts to begin creating your own symphony.  :geek:



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My thoughts arose
when reading some prose.
I know not where from
They started
and often
I wrote
feeling half hearted
about what
what got me
to have them
I posted my
first post
with a thirst
for attention.
Don't tell
I discovered
when I did
I posted like
a child
wild with
desire to
have someone
not the words
One day
I noticed
after I pressed
post and posted
I'd misspelled
some word.
I opened
the post
in the thread
and corrected
what I wrote
and after I saved
I read it again
just to be sure
I hadn't
left anymore
unspelled words.
Wouldn't you know it
I then saw
a sentence that
made no sense.
I open the thread
to edit
and changed
and rearranged
the words
so they had
some meaning.
After I juggled
and respelled
I noticed
I had reviews.
None from any of you
but so many I started
to have that vein
in my head
falsely filling me
with vanity
the idea
it was really
giving me attention
my work.
I jiggled 
all over
from my laughter.
So vain
was I
I wanted
so much
to have
some attention.
I'm so glad
that I found
humor in all
All in all
and laughed
at myself
for being
And here
one day
on another
several good
I started
how many times
I caused
views numbers
to increase.
and even 10
and then
I realized
I would not
even realize
if anyone
else had
unless I remembered
the count
where I last
and respelled.
I wondered.
How to tell?
I copied
the last number
and checked
the next day
to see
how many
I had not caused.
And just this last month
I had not
caused a buhch
because of my
misspelling corrections,
my sentences reperfections,
and trying so
to make
my words
get more attention.
To my sight
was such
a large
number of 
I could
what I saw.
In one week.
After all of them
I saw
back then
this evening
I felt I was
And today
what was
it was
that was
occurred to me.
It dropped
on my thought
like a mental
I've learned
I only cared
that the
words got
And what
I found
I forgot
the reason
I wrote
a lot
was not
No admiration 
that was got
was got for me.
Just to
let you know
I've reposted
3 to 5 times
this time.
He he
he he



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Crying out for help,
as the battle outdoors
while the pill
bottled in my basement
sitting on the bedside
table standing
on the floor
at me,
with wonder, 
will I remember with care
or will I blunder
through another day
clawing at the words
in my head
that are fighting
all who've been
living inside me
fighting a country
I cannot have
Fighting for space
where there's more
and better
in another place 
All the room
in my head
and even now
those who dread
their words
will never be



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Sad and remorseful,


I became


when I did think


that Doctors and their P.A.s


would give my mind aim


Assist is what I thought


but what I got


caused me to resist 


and was unsettling.


It awakened


the part of me


I was keeping




at the heart of me.



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I cannot seemed to find my cliche'

while looking for real life friends I had I dearly miss.


As my aged mind senses the time passing

I think of old songs,

that remind  me

where I once shared hits,

and on bongs I did inhale.


Sadly to no avail


I was looking for the cure


The one that prevented me

from living the dream

and try as I might

Alice's caterpillar's snuff

wasn't enough.



Even the beer eyed crowd

where I tried to live twice

became no place for me

as a vice,


the longer I write about what I reaped

the rewards found,

with new acquaintances

gave me heaps

of knowledge. unbound,

tied me up,

because I was told

I was too crippled

even though to work,

I went to find work bold

as ever I was,

I went to find a cure

along every path

leading there.



Even in the brewers,

I thought to find work

but noted they weren't

sober and wouldn't hire

a sick joke.


where the stills they keep

beverages are made

for a different crowd

with a different care,

for non-fattening, light beer

and synthetic too,

I found.

No work to pay for my way.


Brews I drank

Resemble no more,

the hangovers I got,

the changes to my thought

because the brews were flat

Which from I got no intelligent matter,

only to reason with

to mind,

why others I knew grew fat.


I didn't find healthier means,

diabetics scared me more

for I was looking to heal,

not become sicker,

for real,



I tried to get wealth

from another way

each day.


All the cartels were fighting

all the dealers were fuming,

all the pusher were stepping

on their wares too hard


Even among the Cocaine crowd,

I couldn't find a clock punch card.


I only found advice to leave

without gaining wealth from the

wisdom that I got from that experience.


All about wealth is that we vary

marriage and the baby carriage

is what we think will make us merry.


At first at least,

until the yeast

rises the first child

blows the parents mind

as the youth I knew struggled

to give it their best

which we all seem to agree

is the true test

of parenting he he he.


I ran to get to the track

to join the race

fell flat on my face

to my disgrace

and never recovered

even with a good computer hack

a way to get those good

graces back.


I even learned to build mods

and now I think,

no wealth to pay for the drink

how odd?!



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I drifted in and out of sight

my mind ached

tooth pain

came and went


my thoughts stirred

like a battle for

dark and light

the sun rose

then the night


What misery

I had to fight

then peace

as if all was cleared

a few moments fiction

hope and cheers


One tooth caused

manners to change

one tooth

so close to the brain

a nibble

on a solid bit of food

changed my mind

like a switch can change

whether a room is 

dark or light.


My sleep is disturbed

by visions

dreams they call them

while we sleep

and yet I awaken

as if I just returned

from RL

I seem to have been

under a spell

some magician cast

to do me well


I don't know

I think maybe

now that the tooth

is filled

my dream sleep

will not be filled

with so much

depth where

pain battles for life.

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