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Day Dreams of a Spaced out Old Man

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I'll NEVER SURRENDER MY KEYBOARD & MOUSE; :devil:  :ninja:  They'll have to pry my KEYBOARD & MOUSE from my cold dead hands.



I am open for any suggestion on what to Daydream about.  First question I came up with today was: What do I necessarily need right now?


I want to get those things I need to do that are necessary finalized so I can get back to and go on with my Daydreaming about stuffing and thingies I Don't Need?


Second thought I had was; How I may help?


I already went to the hospital and the patient walk-in to offer and they only want us to stay home and stay safe.


While I thought about all the stuff and things I had to do to make my place of residence safe I wondered.  If; maybe, I would be safer in the hospital.  I saw two other people who were wearing surgical mask and intermittently were coughing into the masks.  I would have stayed to see the nurse except that the people who were coughing into the surgical masks were working there.  I saw there was no doctor there.


The one person was the desk receptionist.  The other person was walking around among the Physicians Assistants, the LPN's,the RN's,  and the nRNs.  I decided to return to my wooden tent and do the lady like things, even though it hurts my manly attitude, I began learning how to clean up and sanitize the wooden tent.


It's a small house.  I just like to call it a wooden tent since I became a bachelor again and am just camping out in it.


Good thing I paid the last mortgage payment.  It's MINE, ALL MINE!


If you could sleep standing on your feet I could make room for you in the corner where the other family members are trying to make room so one of us can lay against the wall there while they have a nap.  I hope the gal that left me has it better at her mother's house.  After the rest of my family moved in from all around the World she said she couldn't take it anymore and was going home to her mother.


I tried to hide in the back of the SUV I bought her, and go with her, but she could see my nose sticking out from under her luggage.  I couldn't breath among all that perfumed stuff; so I had too.  I had to stick up my nose to get some air.


This is beginning to remind of the TV Shows;  The Brady Bunch and Eight is Enough.


Since I am the only one who can use a computer, I have all the fun.  None of the others think what I am doing is fun.  Or they would want to learn how to too!


If they actually could play the video game on my computer and started wanting to take a turn, and got as into as I did the first time, I would never get my computer back. That would be the end of me for sure.  My GAMING DAYS DAZE WOULD FADE and I would find reality just as it was before I learned how to play.  MORROWIND.


I went into the panic room for a moment.  Panicked while I was in there thinking about being in that space packed in between everyone else, and ran out screaming, I NEED AIR!


Death by Covid-19 would be better right now.  But it's just not going to happen.


I am so calm now.  I drank a single shot Espresso'.  That 2 oz of water in a little cup always calms my Hyper Tense Nervous System.  When it was open, while all the other people at Barnes & Noble were buzzing around the aisles of books after they sipped a cup of late or something, me I get the opposite reaction to Caffeine and I calmly walked out into the FRESH AIR and sat on the bench.  If I want to be like all the other caffeine addicts all I have to do is Not Drink any Coffee.


Lucky me!


This is an advertisement.  You do not need to believe it is anything more than anothery way to get peoples attention to find something better to do than try to take my computer keyboard. 


My keyboard is more precious to me than the 2nd Amendment.  The rite to bare arms.  (I prefer short sleeve shirts so I want the rite to bare arms.  Not bear arms!  Big heavy hairy arms with claws instead of fingers just doesn't appeal to me either!)  I'll NEVER SURRENDER MY KEYBOARD & MOUSE; They'll have to pry my KEYBOARD & MOUSE from my cold dead hands.


Anyone got a coffee cup warmer?   :ermm:



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I got a note from an old friend today.  He lives in the old folks home.


The place I am writing about is for folks that have wigged out after years of being trained to be professionals and were taken to there.  To what he and I fondly call, The Wigged Out Farm.
There are those who escape.  Some are long gone or brought back after a few minutes, if using walkers; hours of fun can be had, if they have an accomplish and a wheelchair; the strong of heart, a day or so; if they can walk far enough to hitch a ride a mile down the wooded road to the highway, some never return.  Lucky them.
No more free meals, no more crank calls from the pay phone in the hall to the desk to make them think someone outside is calling in to see how their parents are doing and coming to see if they are okay.  Or lie and tell them that the caller is sincerely wanting to make sure they don't get out again and be in any possible danger and watch the fun as the white coats run out and race around the yard all morning.
Then there is my friend.
He wrote:  I just climbed up on top on the beam on the fence.  Nice view either way.  The two regular guys came out to get me down, but I just moved my legs to the other side when they tried it the first time.
One of them went and got a ladder.
The other guy stayed and kept watch.  He wasn't winded when the guy with the ladder wheezed on back.  The guy watching me, He tried to climb up and get me, but I just jumped down on the other side.
The one wheezing went around the other white coat, came around to the other side to bring me in.  I climbed back up on the fence and moved a ways from the ladder so the other white coat couldn't grab me with my legs on his side.
They called in reinforcements
Told the the new guys to go to the other side to keep me from jumping down a fourth time and evading them by climbing up again and moving bit further from the ladder, and jumping down on the other side again.  They have one ladder.  I checked the shed several times when I had another idea.  Dig a tunnel under the fence.  Found a gardening trowel.  No shovel.  The ladder.
I stood up and walked along the top of the fence until I got to some trees.  They tried climbing up to get me, but I climbed the tree closest to me. Those white coats aren't too bright and clearly don't exercise except to chase us once inawhile.
They were flapping their arms trying to keep their balance on the top of the fence.  Not as well as I could.  They gave up that idea.
They called for reinforcements' again.
This time the oldest woman working there brought a dart gun with tranquiliser darts.  She told them she was the best shooter.  She stood their wheezing from the hike down from the building.  She missed me!   So far, taking turns, they knocked out two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a pear tree.
While they were fussing I dipped down and snuck by them.  Got back in time for lunch.  The other white coats thought I was safely back and the ones by the fence had done the job.  I ate lunch and walked outside in time for them to pass in review while I sat on a chair on the front porch taking a nap.  You know they didn't see me because all of us are dressed alike.  I lifted the flap on my cap and winked at the lady with rifle.  She must not have a very good memory, because she just ignored this old man and walked back in.
I heard her talking inside, He got away!
The lunch gal, said, No he was just here eating lunch.
The voice of the first person screamed.  That old rascal!  Where is he now!
He went out in the yard just before you came in.
I sat on the porch chair with my hat pulled down and I watched them bumble and fumble to get back to the fence.  They came back and all got into the white wagon and drove off to town.
I had dinner.  Went to my room gathered a roll of toilet paper.  I went down to the fence and strung it out in letters on the bars.
I could hardly stand the wait till they get back to see that note.  While they were looking for me at the tavern I left the name of on the gate for them to come and get me.  I expect they will have a few and won't be back.  I borrowed old lady Balquist bicycle.  I'll be leaving for the farm after I finish writing this.
Got back!
Me and my grandson had a great time.  He skipped school to join me.
See you soon!
Your friend Alf.
Last time I visited him I packed a bottle of our favorite in my hollowed out fake calf muscle.  Ya see!  I used to be fat.  I mean BIG FAT.  The people in town didn't recognize me when I came back from holiday on Caribbean Cruise line.  I had a grand idea. I got a plane to California.  I stopped by an old friend Stanley who runs a school for FX for movies.  I bought one of his actors fat suits to make me look old and fat again.  Everyone remembered me when I got back to town. 
Now I can carry all sorts of stuff from in the store inside the body suit.  When I start to walk out of the store with the tiny bag of goodies I spent a dollar on they just smile and wave me through.
T-Bone Steak tonight.  I'm going to go get Alf.  We are going to the movies tonight.  I just walk in the place.  He puts on the fat suit, we walk out.  No one even notices anymore because they think the fat guy is another guys son and I'm the guys best friend.
We're going to the theater.  They're showing the movie, 'What about Bob?!"



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What my Mom might have meant when she taught me to count my blessings.


I thank everyone for being you, doing what you do, and giving your all so we could be here for you if you need us.
THANKS TEACHERs!  Principals, secretaries, and treasurers.  Thanks all of you custodial engineers too.
Thanks for building the house, thanks for tiling and carpeting the floors, thanks for putting in the windows and doors, the toilet, the shower bath and painting the walls, thanks for the kitchen table, chairs, table cloth, dishes, cups, and silverware (plastic ones too).  Thanks to you for the refrigerator, the kitchen stove and range top, the mixer, the coffee machine, the kitchen sinks and dishwashers, the lights and furnace to keep us bright and warm.  Thanks to all you people who grew the fruits and vegetables, bushes of berries. Thanks to all of you who raised the cattle, the pigs, the chickens, the sheep, turkeys. Thanks to all of you that grow crops big outdoor fields and small indoor greenhouses.
Thanks all you cooks and the restaurants people too.
Thanks to all the animal control people, and the veterinarians too.
Movie theater owners, the projectionist, candy and soda fountain, and the ushers.
Oh!  And thank all of you for the beds, mattresses, box springs, the sheets, pillows, and pillow cases too.  Thanks for the clothes, the shoes, the shirts, trousers, underware, T-shirts, and socks.  Car's OH My!  Thanks for all the Vehicles, and the drivers who bring the food to the stores in those big trucks with long trailers.  Thanks to the park rangers for giving us a good place to camp out and live in the wild for a day or two.  Thanks to the people at the grocery stores, the people selling tickets at the games, the trains station, the planes airport, and taxi drivers.  Thanks to all the people who invented the special food stuff we could put in jars. Thanks to all the people who had and worked at the factories who were there to make sure they got jars and packages filled so we could have some.
Thanks all of you who pilot and navigate the planes, the stewardesses, the trains drivers and the passenger cars porters, thanks for the bus drivers, and the school bus drivers.
Thanks to the baker, the butcher, and the candlesticks makers, (we electricity now too thanks to the people who built the Hydroelectric Dams, the Wind generators, the fields of solar panels.  Thanks to the people that put them pieces of all those electronic parts together so we now have miniature phones, miniature hearing aid, contact lense.
Don't worry; if I didn't mention you, I won't forget you; because I still need all of you so I can live the rest of my days so I always have you on my mind so when I count my blessings, all of you. 
Thank you for the skyscrapers, the buildings, the shops and mall people.  Thank for the concrete, the gravel, the sidewalks, bricks, and paved roads.
Thanks to all of you Highway makers, freeway makers, dream makers too.  Newspapers, Magazine makers, Radio & television station people, Television, and makers of Dream catchers too.  Air Traffic Controllers.  Did I mention, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE Marine's, Navy, Army, and Air Force.
Thanks to the people who made the vacuum cleaners, the hand held vac's, the air purifier.
Thanks to all you doctors for patching me up, Insurance agent's, travel agents, and lawyers too!
Thanks all of you President's, Vice Presidents, Judges, Surgeon generals, Judge Advocates, Treasury people, and all the officials in the Government. 
Thanks to all the Kings and Queens, Czar's and Czaresses, Emperors and Empresses, Knights and Knaves, Serfs and Surfers, Trabal Chiefs, and the tribes, Clans Leaders, Leaders of the Bands, and all the different kinds of good and bad, even Pirate Kings.  Thanks to all those make believe maker Whom without we wouldn't have any STORY TELLERS.  Thanks to all of the authors of books that took us on a magic carpet ride and back to the land from Nod.
Thanks to all of you for the machine I am using at this moment.  So I had a chance to thank you all.  The Personal Computer.
Thanks to all the people who pick up the garbage and thanks to all the people manage the city dump.  Thanks to the people who make compost, shovel manure, and load the flower pots and grow flowers.
OH!  Thanks to all the people who made this website, and all the others who made even more.  Thanks all you people for making video games.  OH!  AND Modders for making video games better.  All of you people who helped us tune up our game machines, and video cards, and taught us how to make mods, taught how to make webpages so we could share all our experiences on blogs, and forums.  Thanks to the people who made the Internet, for making it possible to find friends who make the day seem to last for ever fun and folly.
People from All over the World:sweat:
Woo!  HOO!  
And thanks to Mom for the garden she could grow.  If I seem to miss you, it's because I do.  I miss all the good things we sometimes take for granted.  Blessing that assured me I would survive.  I miss all of the people I got to know, and Mom, Most of all; you!
Dad is still alive and well... So far all of the rest of the family is too.  Thanks to all the people who gave us what they could.
Good blessings; all!
That took me three hours.  At 70 years of age, It might take a little longer than the rest of my life if I put everyone's names down that I wanted to thank personally.  Who deserve it.   :sweat: :teehee:



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I visited all the people who wrote in this thread who I thought had dropped me out of the Friends status.  I can see the words, "REMOVE ME AS A FRIEND" in their profile.  I am still listed as their friends, but they're are not showing up in my FRIENDs list!



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I awakened today feeling no urge to run to the toilet.  The injuries I have suffered, the surgeries I have endured, and the healing.  Oh!  My!  


I'm all better now.  I'm ready to go out and play.  The old timers nearby, next door, and all across the graveyard; are suffering for their wives.  Mowing the lawns, to keep the space around their wives tombs looking like a million bucks.  Back when the graveyard was just one families plot; there wasn't much to do with them.  Maybe too many people wish they were with their loved ones in their wondrous afterlife. 


**** Puts some flowers near the headstone. ****


I see a girlfriend, we never married, she had a steady already so I was spared the ritual.  Werewolves, guardians of the Vampires.  Think they are so special and they can't even do any simple yard work.  Always prowling, and howling, around.  Leaving their feces behind is all they're good for.  I think one of them might learn to use those big sharp claws to till the soil.  At least.


I see three Zombies pushing lawnmowers and looking for some Salt to keep them self from drying out; even more.  Helps keep the water they soak up from the sprinklers from leaking out too fast.  That way they don't get so stiff and end up a statue looking like a tree of skeleton bones.  If they get too stiff they can't adorn their sweethearts graves around the sweeties headstones.


My tomb hasn't had a death from the family so I am just keeping it in good shape until someone accidentally spills some blood on the ashes of the last vampire that tried to move in.


The jar is right outside the road in.  That way any passing ghouls will shy away if they get to near to my little wooden tent on top the stone tombs walls.


I frown on the living dead.  They just can't seem to get it into their head.  That possessing me is like living in the center of a hurricane and trying to leave through the swirling twirling walls of wind.  It is about like trying to escape a maximum security prison.  If the raging wind doesn't rip your body to shreds.  Well.


LOOK OUT FOR.  The kitchen sink flying around in among some bits of bush branches, grass leaf too.  The one that got the last demon that strolled my body up close to the edge and thought he could make a quick get a way didn't see the white bathroom sink with a bunch of blades of grass sticking out of the porcelain.  It is so difficult to detect and it is hard to detect it from a tree.  LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREE!


Too late!  Another demon got their hopes smashed up.  They hop into my body when I am a little tipsy, get real close the hurricane wall of flying debris, and try to leave this peaceful place in the eye of the hurricane.  Some people like to call it an, eye.   I'm sure glad demons can't fly.  Or they would be up there in the sky way up high with the witches, vampires, and all the other creatures that can.


Thanks to the paraglider that fell and crash landed here the other day.  Now I have a way out.


I'm all better now!  Here I come! 



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Going on with life the way I have been for the last 34 years.


Hunting for food, (I like to call shopping for food 'hunting for food')


Lately I've playing a Video game, all night, Sleeping four hours too, and Dreaming about what I did and will do, waking in time  to the rhythm of my heart beat,


Waking to find the Earth is still Rolling until the Sun


comes up in the place where I am


and thinking about all my friends,


now that I'm the only single guy from that bunch.


I think it's about time for Lunch.


Missed breakfast at 8.  (Oh! Wait!  Breakfast is the first meal of the day we actually eat at Any time of the day.)


I''l try not to be late


if I want to eat at eight am MDT.


Today I took down my shingles.


Made it to the bath and shower room


with clean clothes in tow.


Cleaned up


Dressed up.


Then I remember what I was supposed to be doing.


Don't you know?!


Ooo I remember what I did.


And I know what to do.


Then I will be with


some of you




in Video Gameland too


So lets go old gamers,


Get this show on the road,


and make it a new day,


Hey hey!


let's get High


Get your gamer starship


Game buzz On




No Man's Sky!



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For those Mothers called Mom for some reason here's a note of something which I reflect on whenever I recall what seemed to give Moms gray hairs.
If I remember correctly we all had been little children along the way of life.  Even You did MOM.  And' once we got on our feet we went crazy with delight, fast and furious to discover everything from our new stance and point of view.  Seems to me the day we came to the conclusion we are crazy; is the day we became sane.    ROFLOL  ;- )
Mom used to called those days the Terrible 2's.  Because we were Two years old going at 98 years an hour looking into every corner, into every nook and cranny.  Find stuff, things, what have yous, and what nots.
We could find things Mother forgot she had and we would examine and play with.



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I am missing something here!


Wise as that is?



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I'm Adlibbing?!   :ermm:


Isn't that like adding words at liberty to keep from stopping the play or saying something that just occurs to us that causes the audience to break up and laugh?


Liberty adding words?


Oh!  So that's why all the politicians say what they say.  :geek:  They call it Freedom of Speech though.  :dry:


I thought I was just trying to keep the players on a roll those times when I forgot my lines?  I guess I've been practicing to become a politician all this time?


Oh!  Acting class!  Yeah.  That must be where they teach wanna be politicians to be Adllibbers.   :devil:   :laugh:



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Out and about,

Looking for food,

Fishermen fishing,

Boats and rafts a plenty.


I; traveling in a car,


Never alone long,

the way filled with

other people.


Some working,

fixing the surface

of the freeway.


I pondered

what I saw

with the mysterious maker

I thought about

wonder how all

I could see was made

for all of you and me.


I pondred all I could see

near and far, 

what a wondrous kinship

we must have with

the creative thinker

that imagined all that.


All of us have a connection,

we certainly have,

with whoever you are!


Thanks for making it!

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