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Day Dreams of a Spaced out Old Man

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I'm not thinking about daydreaming today.  I hope everyone I have shared these fun times texting are safe out of the floods harmful path.


I have memories of my own while living where I we had two dangerous surprise floods no one was expecting.  The rain last night caused my old fear of rain to awaken me.  I got such a start last evening when the rain fall got so heavy it could wash a 1 ton vehicle away.  The gushes of water could move it an inch at a time down a slight incline.


It rained so heavy here it knocked down trees, scared wildlife that normally only passes through at night.  They ran for shelter knocking over outdoor gear as they ran for cover in the old building outback.  I know how they felt.  I was where the flooding rains surprised us twice and was on the clean up crew after; both times.


I hope the blessings of your skills have given you a place of safety as we work through the changes in our Earth's weather.



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I cooked my breakfast

I got to eat in time for brunch,

I washed the dishes,

just before noon,

Now I am sitting here happy.


At least I was.


Someone started up their lawn mower,

which made me think it was Thursday.  :ohmy:


I took my turn every other

Thursday in the month

to mow the lawn;

so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

we could have fun in the yard. :dance:


Now why that person is mowing

on Monday gives me no insight

because even with the grass trimmed

by the weekend it will look a fright.


I cleared my head of the confusion

I looked around to see,

what Monday had in chore for me.


I looked about

to see what I needed to do.


I don't want to leave the grounds

to go looking for friends

If I have a chore

or something needing mends.


So many people

who are down

in the mouth

have forgotten

what order to mow


and clip.


I can hardly bare

what seems like they all care

for their properties looks

when they seem to think

it's Thursday


The persons mowing Monday

while I am still looking to find

a person who can cook.


Or looking for others

that are done with their chore,


and I'm making sure I have got no more.


Then we can play.


Run and jump, swim and shout,

Climb a tree, swing on the branch,

swing in a hoola hoop,

run dive on a slip and slide,


Spray the dog

with my thumb on the spout

of the lawn and garden hose;

jump over a log

and try to catch a frog.


I've done more than one

this morning.

I cooked my breakfast

set the table,


ate in time for brunch.

Now I may go out to play.


Even though I hear Thursday's

chore a calling,

Confusing my old body

still tuned to the chores

I have a date with.


It's Monday! :sad:


I won't be falling

for that crazy old coot's

misery. With that crazy smile :D 

on his face.  Whose thinking

is clearly not aware

how fast that grass

will grow back.


Until Thursday

I'm not doing

that chore.


And anyone doing it 

on Monday :tongue: is missing

a few marbles in their

marble bag for sure.


On Friday my lawn

will be neat,

to Barbeque

and have Party time.

I hope all the bugs

will have moved

outside the neatly

trimmed lawn,

just watching us

and learning to party; I hope


While we are having

a garden party


As we are

and singing along.


Now who didn't pay attention

to the fact it's Monday?


See ya,

at the yard and garden party,

where we can all be hearty

ready for some weekend

Summer time Fun.


As soon as you're done

done doing your chore

for the day


See ya,


I hope when you're done

you have time to come out and play


When there were 7 people

all of us did a different chore a day

in time

with the way weekends

were the constant days off


When we finished our chore

we ran around in the yard

ran through the sprinkle

the sprinkler made

dashed in and out.


Stopped for some lemonade

and stood under the tree,

to cool off in the shade


We rested a moment

while laying on our backs

we spotted clouds

named their shapes


Then got up

and played like we were

all in a parade 

marching into the house

for Lunch,

or dinner.


I wonder why I'm

sitting here

writing like I am

when I could have 

gone outside

after finish washing

the dishes 

I used for my brunch


I have a hunch.


It's because all of you friends

will be too busy

to even stop for a minute

or more.


Stop awhile to say hi

and share a smile.


You'll grumble,

because you've still got work


I don't want to look like a jerk

But it's Monday,

not Thursday


Dads the only one

who has work five days

in a row.  So


I'm not even smiling

about what you're doing

I'm just wondering

if you're doing it

so you'll have some

time to play before

you have to go

back and do another chore.


I only have to do one chore a day

Since I cooked my breakfast

laid out dining wares

and ate

any other chore

that may be assigned

will have to wait until

someone takes over

the cooking so I can

do some other chore that day.


I hope I don't end up

too confused,

by these misaligned

chore minded sorts,

by the ones who 

seem to be amused

mowing their lawns

any day, except 



It's finally quiet.


Now I can

go on the lookout,

to see if any of

my friends are free

out and about.


Ready to Play.




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Very well written indeed...and a wonderfully crafted world for your characters to exist in . I agree with IthildinThat the story deserves clothing a wider audience but getting there is no easy task unless someone does know a pulbisher.. and you also have to be aware of those "vanity" type publishers who will charge you for publishing as well...

But if you have more and can bind the stories together to form say a book of short stories best futuristic then nothing is impossible.

Very, very interesting. Well written--good grammar, 



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Ah!  If Spaceritual!  What a friend!  Indeed!

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