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[Skyrim] Tavern Dovahkiin (Open to ALL)

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A small tavern where Dragonborns of all shapes, races, and sizes come together. Located relatively in the middle of nowhere, it is home to the unknowing traveler and the innocent citizen; most of all, our Dragonborns. When they're not drinking or stuffing their faces, they're arguing about which one of them is the "real" Dragonborn...which, rarely ends up well. 






The tavern is located, as stated above, far from anything else, really, so it makes a good stop for those tired or in need of a quick drink. It does have two small rooms, and one slightly bigger one for rent, for a small fee of 5 septims a night. It has two doors, the main being a wooden double-door, and one out back. Some believe the tavern was pretty, once, but it quickly went to s*** with all the Shouting and drunken brawls...but, mostly Shouting. There is a counter, where one of the three workers stays to take orders and serve the drinks [Gaius]. There are a few tables and chairs about the room, and one rickety loveseat that looks like it's seen one too many bodyslams. Everything else about the tavern is relatively normal. However, I will note that there is a basement that's a small kitchen/barracks, open to anyone in need of a makeshift bed.





Here I will list the 3 NPCs of the tavern whom you can talk to and whatnot. I made them up on the spot, but I've given them set personalities and they will only be played by me. They are not my characters, they're just to keep the posts going when things get stale and whatnot. Also, because it makes sense to have workers. Info will be brief as they're just sort of...there. But, feel free to interact with them however you wish! Note their "status" features may or may not change throughout the RP~ Anyways, onto the list.



Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Occupation: Bartender, server

Personality: Cheerful, friendly, comedic

Status: Alive and Well

Interactions: Feel free to sit down at the bar and talk with him, you can buy drinks or food from him, or just talk about current events. He knows little about the tavern as he's the newest employee. Can't sell him anything.



Race: Nord

Gender: Female

Age: 50s

Occupation: Innkeeper, server

Personality: Paranoid, wary, hard-headed

Status: Alive and Well

Interactions: She's managed this small little tavern since she was old enough and has seen a lot. She's used to the Dragonborns and the Shouting, but still stands her ground. You can talk to her and depending on how you talk to her, she will either be nice, or sassy. Can ask her anything about the tavern and she will answer. Is also up-to-date on recent gossip and current events. You can order food from her, as well as rent out a room. If no rooms are available, you will be shown to the basement where there are some makeshift beds...so basically just a pelt on the cold ground. Runs all around the building to check on customers making sure they're alright.



Race: Argonian

Gender: Male

Age: Middle-Aged

Occupation: Cook

Personality: Grumpy, snobby, loves to complain, overall a**hole on the surface

Satus: Alive and Well

Interactions: Normally down in the basement where he thinks he belongs, he is the tavern's only chef. His cooking skills are unmatched, though he doesn't think so. He normally doesn't like to be bothered, so if you try to talk with him there's a chance he won't reply. 






1. All forum & community guidelines apply. I do not want anybody to get in trouble, so quickly glance over the rules if need be and make sure you follow them. 


2. No explicit sexual content. 


3. Do not kill off a character without talking about it to the Player first. 


4. You must use a Dragonborn character. Whether it's one you've actually played in-game or one you made just for RP, go ahead. 


5. Just like with other RPers, you may not kill off one of the NPCs without consulting it to me first. I don't care if you kill them, just talk to me in either a private message, or in here Out Of Character.


6. Your characters can be as mean as you wish, but do NOT, under ANY circumstances, be rude to another player.


7.You are limited to a max 2 characters at a time for now. If you wish to kill off one of your own and replace it with something new, go ahead. You MUST make an intro for each new character.


8. You ARE allowed to bring a follower with you, but that counts as one of your characters. 


9. Have fun!






To start to this RP/the tavern, all you need to do is write an entry, along with some base info on your character, and go on ahead! Your character should start off entering the tavern. This RP is paragraph-based, no please no txt talk or something in script format. It doesn't matter how long your post is, but minimum should be at least more than one sentence (please). If something too short, we might not have anything to work with! But yeah, other than that, come on in and join! Remember, this is meant to be silly and fun.
As an example, I will throw my starter under this to show the format I'd like everyone to start off/enter with.


So, that's all the base information I have to offer for this RP! This is meant to be fun and silly, so I just want everyone to enjoy themselves. 




***********************Also, OOC (Out of Character) should be written in a way that we can TELL. I don't care how you do it, whether it's with ((double parenthesis)) or [[brackets]], or even if you have to write "OOC:" - so long as you make it clear when you're out of character, that's fine!



Now, for my intro:


Name: Mathias

Race: Breton

Sex: Female

Estimated Age: 17

Build: Battlemage




A short, stocky Breton girl entered the moderately-known Bar&Inn known as Tavern Dovahkiin. Being Dragonborn herself, she'd heard rumors of the place from others on her travels. So far, it seemed quiet. An elderly woman greeted her and asked if there was anything she'd need, to which she accepted wholeheartedly, ordering a large selection from the menu. Mathias grabbed a seat near a window and waited for the massive order of food to arrive. It was quiet enough, she thought, to enjoy a nice meal. 


One by one, each plate of food she'd ordered was set on the table, and a new one came each time she'd just finished her current one. The workers didn't seem to mind, as is made good business, but the Breton could've sworn she'd heard sounds of hissing from down below...










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(When Living Ark speaks will be in parenthesis)(Sounds Like fun)



Name: Arkyna

Race: Nord/Altmer Mix

Sex: Female

Estimated Age: 23

Build: Sword and Board


A rather tall, woman of what appears to be Nordic decent entered the Bar&Inn Tavern Dovakhiin. As one of the dragonblood, she'd often hear tales of this tavern when she bothered visiting Castle Volkihar. Pulling her face mask up, while taking note of the few people occupying the place. Took a seat as far away from the fireplace as she could find, without drawing suspicion. One of the workers, an elderly woman, came by and asked if she needed any food or drink. Waving her off with a request for a mug of black-briar mead. Waiting for her mead, she took the time to study the lone occupant, who was in the process of devouring what seemed to be a rather large plate of food.


Heightened senses picked up that the cook was not a nord, but the scent of the food being cooked masked the smell.

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((Hi! Nice to meet you :D))


The elderly waitress returned from the basement with the woman's mead, thankful for this customer's simple order in comparison to the tavern's other, messy occupant. "I ain't seen you around here before," the woman remarked, setting down the tankard on the table. "Dragonborn, are ya? Or just another 'adventurer'?"


Meanwhile Mathias, oblivious to the new blood in the room, kept about her food. When it appeared that she had finally finished, she let out a large belch. She pushed her chair back a little and kicked her feet on the table, now resting in her chair. The bartender groaned in disgust. 




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(Thanks, and nice to meet you aswell)



Accepting the tankard from the elderly woman, and a short reply of "Dragonborn,but I don't normally venture near here". Sliding her face mask down enough to drink the mead, but not enough to draw suspicion the mead slowly vanished. 


Placing a hefty bag of gold on the table and requesting a room to sleep in when she returns. Exiting the Inn to find some food, hopeful none of the locals are aware that there's a predator in their midst.




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Name:???(for now)
Age:??? (again for now)

Collapses through the door, seemed drunken, but upon closer inspection is actually bewildered and confused 'Oh this is the Tavern Dovahkiin, come here a few times myself'. Suddenly flaps round to walk out the door but realised that he just made quite a scene and that the people deserve an explanation......




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(Dusts the cobwebs off...)


Name: Nushmeeko

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Race: Argonian


The burly, blue hued argonian walks through the messy tavern with care, but still seems to knock into everything around him. Being an illegal slave to a noble in Wayrest since being a hatchling, he had learned to use his size as a deterrant rather than a weapon, and not to be sharp tongued. He politely waits for the young bartender to finish talking to the disinterested wench, and then asks for a local spiced wine. Suddenly an absolutely belligerent imperial bursts through the door behind the argonian's back. After hearing him mutter something incoherent, Nushmeeko paralyzes the dimwitted bartender who had impulsively reached for his crossbow.


"What are you doing here Imperial? Seems you've had enough to drink already. Besides, these dovahkiin are violent to say the least..."


The weak paralysis spell wears off of Gaius, who embarrassingly walks back behind the bar to clean up a tankard spilled in the bluster. 

Gaius spitefully mutters, "It's not like you're necessarily welcome here, lizard."


"Ha! My first visit to Skyrim and it's so true what they say of the locals! Do I actually have to have the soul of a dovah to get a drink around here? Or just be manish?"

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