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Welcome to the Europa Universalis 4 forums on Nexus Mods.

We keep all discussion for new games to a single forum to make early discussion on the game easy to browse through and find. If the game becomes particularly popular on these forums then we will manually add more forum categories to help split up the various discussion topics a little bit more.

But for now, please chat about anything and everything related to Europa Universalis 4 in these general discussion forums.

Please remember our Terms of Service when you're talking on these forums as we very actively moderate and enforce our rules here!




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Eu4 MP? Anyone? We started this server around a month ago. This server will host games that will have their own Chronicles that players can read/define the players who played/have the winner for each game and also diplomatic interactions between the players. It will be a very chill game where players can have fun and have a good time. We host different games for both Eastern Coast Time and Central European Summer Time, so you can probably join any game you want. We also have a small Australian community, so if we get more aussies, maybe we'll be able to get a host for Australian time zone. The server has achievements that the players get each game, and also we are organizing our server so that we can play multiple games with different mods each week. Those games will consist of many mods, including the ones you probably never heard of. Players can give feedback, we also improve the rules with each game and trying to make most balanced rules for EU4 that get be not too harsh but fair so that the players can play without going overboard. We also make chronicles for our games and future we plan to have at least one chronologist for each game observing it and writing about it.

But none of this could happen without you, if you like the style of this server then you can help it, it would be really cool if all the things I said could be fully achieved and improved, so you can also join the server and possibly write AARs for multiplayer games if you feel close to the game, or possibly host your own custom games if given time, our server invites everyone towards the battles and wars of EU4, so that you can grieve over loss and toast over the triumph. Make friends, betray friends, have friends betray and make enemies!Welcome to Grand EU4 Game Server - https://discord.gg/uG2ezKdDm8

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