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Will Skyrim work with Windows 10?

windows 10 skyrim

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Upgraded laptop from WIndows 7 to 10 yesterday and Skyrim is working fine. No difference in fps (checked with Skyrim Performance Monitor).


Needed to tweak compatibility settings to fix blurry fonts in NMM, CK and Skyrim Launcher graphics settings pop-up.

[o ] "Program Opens but doesn't display correctly"

[o ] "Program does not display properly when large scale font settings are selected"


Am upgrading Win 8.1 desktop today, will report again if anything unusual crops up.

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You have to update your graphic drivers for Windows 10. 



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The upgrade contains the latest drivers for nVidia cards (353.62 for Win 10) and it will install them if it recognises the hardware correctly.


However, when I did the upgrade today on my WIndows 8.1 machine, which has a GTX550Ti card in it, WIndows 10 refused to recognise the card until I swapped it for a different one (a GT610), let it realise that the hardware had changed and install drivers for that, then swapped the original card back in and let it go round again. I don't think that's supposed to happen  :sick: 


It still didn't install the nVidia control panel, though, so I downloaded the driver package from nVIdia and installed it anyway. It's fine now. I'm getting about 45fps on Ultra, which is good enough for me :laugh:




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 I am NOT computer savv​y at all.  My computer was upgraded from 8.1 to 10 today. I like Windows 10, but when I went to play Skyrim...my world just fell apart.


 Skyrim is the​ ONLY game that I really play a lot on my PC.  I bought this PC specifically so that I could play SKYRIM. 


I am horrified that ​every time I try to load Skyrim, it crashes. 


I have loo​ked up various answers, but they don't seem to work.


Tried to run "compatibility mode" and changed it to Windows 8, but it still doesn't work.


Someone suggested that​ I go to the Steam icon and right click, go to Preferences and turn off the Compatibility Mode, but that is not even an option that I can find.


My drivers​ are all updated. 


What do​ I do now, short of rolling back to 8.1 (which I've heard can be a total disaster)?


PLEASE H​ELP.  I am 52, disabled, and have few things in life that give me pleasure anymore. Skyrim is one of them, and now I don't even have that.



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Were you playing modded Skyrim? In that case, I would try to make Skyrim vanilla again.


Wish I could send you a screenshot of the "Preferences" tab, but my OS is in German and wouldn't be of any use to you.


Good luck.



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after upgrading i recommend doing a clean install. There are instructions and videos online for how to do so.


Next make sure you have all the latest updates.


Follow that up with making sure you have the latest windows 10 specific drivers for your motherboard. (check your motherboards website for this) windows 10 installs most of the dirvers for you....but on mine there are 4 i install manually.


After those things are done make sure you download and install all the direct x software. I use EVGA precision for this it installs the direct x stuff for you.


Last go ahead and reinstall skyrim....windows 10 will then prompt you to install the NET framework which you should


After all that skyrim should work flawlessly along with any other game. I have had ZERO issues with windows 10.

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